Monday, March 2, 2009


So much has been happening...

We lost Mike to a better place and celebrated his life with friends and family. It was a beautiful ceremony, with a focus of striving to learn from Mike. His message was to leave life like we were dying. I have really taken this message to heart, letting go of hurts, of dislikes, and of anger. Mike left everyone a personal message, a note of appreciation and thanks for friendship over the past years. It was an amazing blessing to have one last conversation with Mike.

The wedding plans are coming right along. I have my dress, the location and the date! Next up, designing the stationary, the decorations, and the flower and food arrangements. Joel has booked our honeymoon and at the advice of his mother, he has decided not to keep it a secret from me. It was going to be a surprise, but he knew he wouldn't be able to to get away with asking me to pack for a trip where I have no idea where I'm going or for how long. After our beautiful wedding, Joel and I will spending three weeks in Hawaii. We are visiting two islands, and are busy now planning all the hikes, beaches and snorkeling sites we want to visit.

Work is picking up. We have finally signed a job which saves us from having no work. The end of the month takes Charlie and I to Oregon for the next Remodeler's Advantage meeting. In Portland, Or I hope we will finally make the transition to next level in the group. We are among the senior members in our group, and I think we are ready to move up. I'm looking forward to learning all the little nuggets, insider-information from people who have already made the mistakes needed to learn the lesson.

Well, that is all the time I have now...