Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Adopting!

I decided that it was time again for another rabbit. Poor Jack needs a buddy to bond with, and it just so happens there is a bunny at the shelter that needs a home. So tomorrow after work, I am headed to the shelter to bring home my new baby, Sir Lancealop. I didn't pick that name, it is what the new bunny came with; it is pretty cute though!

The new bunny is an adult male. They are not sure exactly how old he is, but they are guessing that he is full grown. This means he should be about one year old. He appears to be a mix breed with lop being the main breed. He has these very cute floppy ears that stick straight out to the sides of his little bunny head! He is a beautiful grey color. Not a dull gray, but a bright gray with little spots of white and brown. He is very calm and relaxed most of the time. When I first saw him, he came running up to the front of his cage to be petted. He loves to lay on the laps of the caretakers at the shelter and to take naps in his cage. It will be a bit more work to bond two males, but it will work out in the end I think. Jack was very eager to bond with Katie, and he seems ready to find another friend. He has been getting used to Juno, a roommate's girlfriend's dog; but I know that he would rather have a bunny buddy.

Here is a picture of little Sir Lancealop

I can't wait to get my new baby home and situated. I have been storing up toys and boxes for him, so he will have some of his own. I am so excited!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Any Tips?

I have a terrible habit of chewing on my fingernails. I think it has to do with stress and anxiety. When I get nervous about something, or am apprehensive about something, or thinking about something that I can't control; I just can't resist the urge to chew and pick on my fingers. I will rip the fingernails off down; often times past the quick. I will pick on the hangnails, and the little thing-ies of skin until they bleed. My fingers will be raw and painful for days. Then just when they grow out, I start the process all over again.

I hate this habit. I know how disgusting it is. I know how dirty nails are, how many germs are there. I hate how my fingers look. But I just can't stop.

Any Tips?

Another Airport Message

I'm sitting in the SeaTac airport, waiting to board yet another flight. This time it is to Boise, Idaho. Dad and I are headed there to meet up with another member of Remodelers Advantage, a national consultant group we are both members of. We are going to check out his business, how he is set up, and take a look at how he runs his operations.

We are also going to stop by Fusion Set, the company currently hired for our marketing. We will be able to see their offices and how they are set up. Then Chad, the other RA member, Dad, and I are going to drive together down to Salt Lake City, UT where Dad and I will pick up our rental car from the SLC airport before heading up the mountains to Park City. Park City is like SLC's Whistler; a ritzy, upscale ski resort. Dad actually worked on some of the first buildings in the area when we were living down in SLC. We have our second annual RA meeting there. So for three days I will be in long meetings with remodelers from around the nation (a few are even from Canada). It will be intense because it never ends. You talk business at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then, when I finally get back to the hotel room and all I want to do is sleep and rest my little brain, Dad wants to keep talking business. I love this, I really do, but sometimes enough is enough.

It's pretty funny. We have been sitting in the airport at our gate for about 20 minutes, before Dad realised his forgot his cell phone in the truck. This is really bad news because he stays in contact with the crews and subs throughout the meetings, so no cell phone means no contact (he hates my blackberry, it is too complicated and the buttons are too small). He ran to catch a cab, to go back to the hotel, to come back to the airport, and back through security before our plane leaves. A part me is really happy cause now he can't tease me for the disaster I caused when I slept in and missed our flight to meet the cruise ship when Nichole and I flew went to Mexico. At least when I got to the airport, I had all my stuff.

Well, I better get going. it is getting close to boarding, and I better figure out if I am boarding or finding another flight. Here go, another day in my life!