Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Six Fantastic Things

I can't believe I haven't written anything since late August! Summer is way over now and we are well on our way into fall. I have been busy the last few days, even though my last day of work was September 17th. I spend the first week cleaning up the house, catching up my reading, hanging out with Jackie, and trying new dinner recipes. Well, in no particular order is what has happened since we dug the hole to China in our backyard.

1. The fence was built between our house and our neighbor's house. I wasn't home when the project was started, as I was in Bellingham for my mom's surprise birthday party, but Joel was home to help out and make sure things happened the correct way. The finished project is really nice, makes the backyard seem bigger, and gives us nice privacy from our neighbors.

2. Jack now has his own "couch". I was tired of having to vacuum up white hair out of my tan carpeting when Jack was going through his summer shedding. So I decided to see if Jack would like a cat bed, that way he could lay in his favorite spot and my carpet would be free from bunny hair. I found one on clearance at PetsMart that I thought Jack might like so I brought it home. It didn't take Jack long to get over his fear of the new and unknown. Now Jack likes to stretch out in his little bed and watch evening TV with Joel and I.

3. Chris came over to help Joel and I build a gate for our fence. This way we can hide the trash, recycling, and yard waste containers behind the gate and have a much better view from the street. We asked Chris to come over since he had recently become an expert in this area. I was copy-catting Chris's door handle idea and we wanted his help to make it come together. So Chris came over and we got to work building a massive gate. This thing was huge. Joel and Chris did most of the work, but I helped by holding things, finding things, bringing tools to them and make a run to Home Depot for forgotten items. In the end we have a beautiful gate with a door handle that works like a charm. I love it! 
Oh, it was dark when we put in the door handle, hence the headlamps.

3. One night I was making a big batch of Chicken Pot Pie and it was taking forever. Joel and I were so hungry. Dinner wasn't even in the oven yet, when Joel had a brilliant idea; Appetizer Chicken Pot Pie. We have these little creme brulle dishes, so we spooned in some of the veggies and gravy, added some crust and cooked up some appetizer sized pot pies to enjoy while we waited for the rest of the meal to cook. It was such a good idea, and they looked so cute that I had to share them.

4. Last Sunday Joel and I met up with friends to visit the Pullyup Fair. We got to walk around, look at all kinds of animals, eat some traditional fair food, and ride some rides. I have decided I am too old for rides. One circle in the Octopus was all it took to have me white knuckled and warning Joel, "I'm going to puke, I'm going to puke, make it all stop, stop the ride I'm going to puke...". But I was brave enough to get in line for the wooden roller coaster which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I still needed some 7-Up to calm down my tummy though. After that experience, I don't think I will ever seen on a ride again. I should have known better, even swing sets make me sick; which is incredibly depressing because I used to love to swing. Here are some highlights from the fair.
Joel made friends with this sheep.

 I think it is because Joel gives such wonderful sheep-massages!

I saw Fainting Goats! I was so disappointed they weren't standing up, I wanted to spook them so badly!

There was a camel at the fair...I have never seen a camel at the fair!

Here is Anna & Robert; As you can see they got through the ride much better than I did.

Joel and I took a break in the beer garden.

5. We haven't missed a Hawks game yet. Even Jack watches the games with Joel and I . Our friend Robert has season tickets, so whenever the Hawks are playing at home, I like to watch for Robert. I am not sure who looks more comfortable, Joel or Jack, but I just had to take a picture of the "boys" watching the football game.

6. I have learned to sew. I am actually pretty impressed with my first project. My mom gave me one of her old sewing machines (no that plural on machine isn't a mistake). Jackie, who also has a machine that used to belong to mom, says that mom keeps giving away her machines just so she can buy new ones. Regardless of her motive, it has been great for me. With all this time on my hands now, I have something productive to do (that is when I get tired of endlessly apply for jobs). My first project was a table covering. Like a runner, it hangs out on the table when not  in use, but is a square instead of a rectangle. Mom brought down her current machine (which is basically a sewing computer) and she helped get started. It only took me two days, but here is my autumn inspired table covering.  
I am so excited with how well my project turned out, that I can't stop thinking about what to do next. Joel even said he was impressed. This is a direct quote, "I didn't realise something this nice could be done without years of quilting experience." Awwwh, he is so kind. For a first timer, this pretty good. Joel wants a lap blanket for the couch, so I think that will be my next project. I am excited to get started. Even Jack enjoys my new hobby.
Jack liked to sit on my feet when I was trying to operate the sewing machines foot peddle. He also liked to hop around my ankles when I was trying to cut fabric and he loved trying to get in my lap when I was trying to sew a straight line. Silly bunny.