Thursday, February 20, 2014

Live & Learn Thursday :: How To Ski with Your Plus One

You all know what time it is! Time for another Live & Learn Thursday link up! This week I will be breaking down my rules for skiing with my plus one.

Life As Always
So you probably remember my post where I shared with you how I was learning to ski and not only have I been improving my skills on the slopes since then, but I have been learning what it really takes to ski with your significant other.
Don't get me wrong. I love my husband. More than ever. He is reason why I even started to ski. He is so wonderful about doing things with me that are fun/important to me (like going to plays with me, and to the ballet...) so I decided to try something that is fun/important to him. Skiing. I think I got the better bargain...
Joel and I have been able to hit the slopes several times now and each time we have gone up, I have learned a new lesson about skiing with your hubby. Let me break it down for you.
When skiing with your plus one, 
...count on them to teach you everything you need to know. Joel was great at teaching me the basic stuff, but we both knew if I was going to make it off the bunny hill and stay married, I was going to need lessons. Made a big difference! the maps provided by the ski resort. Those things are ridiculously simple and are not all that clear. Make you sure you take the time to read the signs and ask for directions if you need it. This way you don't end up on a run that is beyond your skill set.
...take out your fears, frustrations, exhaustion, and disappointments on him. It isn't his fault that you expect to be amazing at everything the first time you try it. Even though it is kind of his fault you are stuck on a run that is beyond your skill set, you should be turning to him for help, encouragement and direction.
...yell really mean things at him, non-stop while you try to make your way down a run that is beyond your current skill set. It won't make you feel better and it will make him feel even worse.
...poke at him with your ski poles while telling him "don't you dare touch me". There are better ways of communicating that you don't need help up after falling down.
...cry. It will only fog up your goggles and make him feel even worse about leading you down a run that is beyond your current skill set.
...storm off to the ski lodge, yelling over your shoulder, "Don't you dare follow me, just go disappear for while" after finally getting down a run that is beyond your skill set. Yes, taking a break, or in my case drinking a beer by myself in the lodge bar, was needed, there are nicer ways of communicating this information.
When skiing with your plus one,
you SHOULD... straight toward him at breakneck speeds. He is the one who has been skiing since before you were born, so he should be the one to worry about getting out of the way.
...lean on him and push off of him while learning how to get off the lift. He may or may not have fallen a few times because I was using him as a brace.
...communicate with him about what you need to have a good time. If you need to go down the easy run one more time, if you need to take another lesson, or if you need help mastering a ski stop, you need to tell him. He just wants you to have a good time.
...leave your skis on the slope and storm off walk down a very difficult section of the run you are stuck on that is beyond your skill set. He is the one who got you stuck up here, he is the one who can carry your skis down.
...make him go down each run first, to make sure it is a run that you can do. This way you don't get stuck on a run that is beyond your current skill set. sure to capture that Kodak moment at the start of the day, when your enthusiasm and spirits are high. If you end up going down a run that is beyond your skill set, you won't feel like taking that skiing selfie.
...learn from your mistakes. While I was sitting in the bar by myself drinking away my frustrations I used my phone to write down what went wrong and my ideas of how to avoid this from happening again.
When Joel came to find me in the bar lodge, I showed him my list.
It meant a lot to him. See communication is key.
As you may or may not have gathered, last weekend Joel and I found ourselves stuck on a particularly difficult ski run. We thought we were headed down an easy run, but instead we ended up on a triple black diamond or whatever the hardest run ever is called. So I acted like a child and nearly ruined a wonderful day on the mountain. Take my advice and learn from my mistakes by following my rules for skiing with your plus one.
It is hard to see the whole thing, but this is me in front of the mountain that together we conquered.
Take that Snoqualmie Summit East - I did it!
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  1. Oh my gosh, this story just gets better and better every time I hear it! Not to giggle at your trials, but it's just that I totally feel your pain and have been in your exact situation! It is SO MISERABLE while it's happening, but you just can't help but laugh later on, I think. And the image of you poking Joel with your poles... I die. :-)

  2. This is my favorite ski post yet! Crying and prodding with ski poles is totally something that I would do-- oh and yelling, that's a given!!

  3. Hahaha That sounds so horrible! I totally understand though. I have never been skiing but we did try going snowmobiling one time. Chris and I both rode on one, I kept sliding off the back when he would go up a hill because it wasn't meant for two people and there is no place to put your feet. Anyway we couldn't get up this one steep hill with both of us on the sled, so I had to get off and walk. Or climb and cry. Every step I took, I sank up to my waist. I was so exhausted by the time I got to the top of the 30 foot hill that I sat and cried. I refused to get back on the sled and cried some more. I hated it and I seriously hope I never have to go again. Flat ground might be alright, I guess. I think snow sports and not my thing.
    Oh and the picture that you made the snow falling is awesome! You are so talented.

  4. I can imagine I would be just like this if I ever tried skiing. Except that the husband has never tried skiing either so is by no means an expert! If I had trouble "getting it" (which I undoubtedly would!) I would for sure yell and cry and blame him. But isn't that their role in this whole partnership thing anyway?! :)

  5. Awesome story. I loved every minute of the story. I have never skied with my wife but if she ever decides to join me I will show her this list first as it may save a lot of heartache.

  6. Fab photos - I love that you showed your partner your ski list too! That's the kind of thing I would do too!