Thursday, February 13, 2014

Live & Learn Thursday :: Seahawks Jello Shots

You all know what time it is! Time for another Live & Learn Thursday link up! This week I will be sharing with you how I made the most amazing Seahawks Jello Shots for our Super Bowl party. I am pretty sure these Jello shots are what that helped us win the Super Bowl!
Life As Always
When Joel and I decided to host a Super Bowl party, I decided I wanted to make Seahawk Jello shots. I wasn't sure how, but I was going to make them! So after a bit of research online, I found this recipe from Seattle Soap Girl. I doubled her recipe to make sure I had plenty of them for the party and they turned out great!
What you Need:
6 oz Berry Blue Jello
6 oz Lime Jello
4 Packets Knox Gelatine
5 cups Whipped Cream Vodka (total)
5 cups Boiling Water (total)
2 cups Pina Colada Mixer (such as Mr. and Mrs. T’s)
5-10 drops of Blue Food Coloring (optional, but makes the colors darker like Hawks Colors)
5-10 drops of Green Food Coloring (optional, but makes the colors darker like Hawks Colors)
50ish Jello Shot Cups and Lids - like these

50ish Jello Shots
Time to Make:
The recipe says it takes about 3-1/2 hours (includes time for Jello to set up), but I decided to spread it out over three nights. I was really determined to make them turn out great, so I made a layer each night to allow them plenty of time to set up and avoid any layers blending together.

- Chill the Whipped Cream Vodka and Pina Colada mix. Set Jello shot cups on a cookie sheet for easy transport and stacking.
- Following the Blue and Green Layer directions below, make the green layer first and chill for approximately 1 hour (or until set). Or you can be like me and leave the green layer in the fridge over night.
- After set, follow the White Layer directions below and pour on top of the green. Chill for approximately one hour (or until set), or overnight like me. If the white layer starts to blend with the blue layer, don’t worry. You won’t really see it in the end product.
- After set, follow the Blue and Green Layer directions below to make the blue layer and pour on top of the white. Chill for approximately 1 hour (or until set) or overnight like me.
- Put lids on top of cups and enjoy within 24-48 hours. As if they will last that long...

Green and Blue Layers:
In a microwave safe container, heat 2 cups of water for three minutes (or until almost boiling) in the microwave. Pour 6 ounces of green or blue Jello in hot water, stirring until fully dissolved (about 1 minute). Add 5 – 10 drops food coloring (green food coloring in Lime Jello and blue food coloring in Berry Blue Jello) to water until you get the desired color. Stir in 2 cups chilled Whipped Cream Vodka. Pour an even amount into each jello cup.

My Notes: Joel had the genius idea of using a marinade injector without the needle on it, to measure and pour the Jello. It made the whole process so quick and easy.
Easy to measure the exact amount of Jello for each cup and it was mess free!

Making quick work of the green layer!

White Layer:
In a microwave safe container, heat 1 cup of water and 1 cup of Whipped Cream Vodka for three minutes (or until almost boiling) in microwave. Carefully and slowly (it will boil over if you don’t pour slow!) pour 4 packets Knox Gelatine into the hot water and Vodka mix, stirring until fully dissolved (about 1 minute). Add 2 cups chilled pina colada mixer. Pour an even amount into each Jello cup.

The marinade injector saves the day again!

The final layer - Blue!

Finished product! Oh so good!


My Seahawks Jello shots turned out so good! I was really impressed with myself happy with how they turned out. And even better, they were a big hit at our Super Bowl party.
Really, you can adapt the recipe to be any color or alcohol combination you need. I think I see St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween and so many other themed Jello shots in my future.
Be sure to stop by the link up and see what other lessons are being shared today!



  1. While these Jello Shots look totally Amaze-balls.. I think that Sarah may believe that her little bun in the oven might be the good luck charm that brought the Hawks to the Super Bowl. You guys can arm wrestle it out-- I call dibs on her shots since she's knocked up though :)

  2. Okay these are SO much better than the ones I made for Fourth of July! First of all the marinade injector is genius, because I made such a mess trying to pour it into the cups. Also I used whipped cream for the white layer and it really didn't work out well, but this looks great and I'm sure tasted super yummy, too!

  3. These look great! I must admit I find it so weird that you guys call it "jello" haha!