Thursday, February 27, 2014

Live & Learn Thursday :: How to Download Photos From Your Instagram Account

You all know what time it is! Time for another Live & Learn Thursday link up! This week I will be sharing a recent ah-ha moment with you.
Life As Always
So I had these really good intentions of doing a #100happydays update at day 25, but that didn't happen. Nope, it wasn't until day 37 that I got my act together and managed to get that posted. It wasn't like the post itself was difficult, it was just a bunch of photos that I had already formatted and posted to my Instagram page. I just had to collect them from thier various folders on my phone and transfer them to my computer.

So what took me so long? Well, you see I'm stubborn. I was convinced there was a way to download the images from my Instagram account on to my computer, saving me time and the frustration of tracking down each photo seperately. It took me a while but I finally figured it out, and that my friends, was my major ah-ha moment from last week. I may or may not have done most definitely did a few Tiger Woods fist pumps of victory!
So today I bring to you, the complete instructions for how to download photos from your Instagram account.
1. Download Google Chrome. Yep, you just gotta do it, if you haven't already. I think Mozilla might work but Explorer does not work. Trust me on this. You can download Google Chrome here.

2. Log into your Instagram account. Be sure to use your freshly downloaded Google Chrome web browser to do this. Then click on over to your profile page.

3. Select the image you want to download. Click on the image, so it appears in the center of your screen. Then right-click on the image to get the following menu to appear. From this menu, click on "Inspect element".

4. Next, find the html link to your image. At the bottom of your screen a box with a bunch of html code will appear. Look through the text for the link to your image. It should start with something like src="http:// ...  ....jpg". When you click on it, a small thumbnail of your image should appear.

Here is a closer look at where to find the html code for the image.

5. Open the image link in a New Tab. Once you have found the html link for the photo, right click on the photo to open a new menu. From this menu select the option for "Open link in new tab".

6. Download the Image to your computer. Once the image has opened in a new tab, you can right-click the image again to open another menu. From this menu select the option for "Save image as...". After a quick prompt for where and under what name you want the image saved, you will have successfully downloaded your image.
There you have it. How to download images from Instagram in six easy steps!

I know there are programs out there that will do all this for you automatically, but here is my warning: I downloaded one of them and it installed a bunch of random other stuff on my computer and that is not cool. Joel wasn't very happy with me and he did some magic trick on my computer to fix things. So very annoying. Downloading pictures from Instagram this way, might take a bit longer, but it is safe.

I know it probably isn't something you will use frequently, because who really needs to download their own images from Instagram, but if you ever find yourself trying to put together an update post for your recent photo-a-day challenge or some other strange activity, you will be equipped with the tools you need to make it easy.

Be sure to stop by the link up and see what other lessons are being shared today!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

The other day while looking to distract myself for a moment, I decided to take one of the many quizzes floating around Facebook. I decided it was time to find out where my dialect is from.

Apparently, there were these two guys, Bert Vaux and Scott Golder, who were really curious and bored, so together they started a linguistics project back in 2002. This project resulted in the Harvard Dialect Survey and from that material comes this fun little time killer. After answering 25 questions about the specific word you use to describe common items and how you pronounce these words you get a personal dialect map. Oh boy, a free and personal dialect map - sign me up!

Sometimes I found myself trying to decide how do I pronounce that word? But mostly I was busy asking myself Why on earth would someone call it that? What on earth does that even mean? So ridicious. That second question is really rather silly of me to even ask myself, because the definition is right there. But really? I have never heard of rubbernecking being called a gawk block. Although I might have to start using this new found terminology of mine.
Well, on to the results. After carefully and honestly answering all 25 questions I have finally found the source of my dialect.

It is a bit hard to see, but my dialect comes from Salt Lake City, Reno, and Spokane. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. How did they know? Here is the thing, I was born in Salt Lake City, but I only lived there until I was five years old. I grew up in Lynden, which is in the same state (although in opposite corner) as Spokane. And here is the kicker friends, I love Las Vegas which is almost the same thing as Reno, but better. IMHO since I have never actually been to Reno.

I was honestly a bit suprised by the results. So go check it out and be sure to report back with the results. I would love to hear how y'all, youse, and you guys talk!


Monday, February 24, 2014

A Working Woman's Guide to Long Days at the Office

So... this week is going to be a long week. I will be putting in some late nights this week as I help in the production of an important proposal at work. So I thought I would share with you my tips for how I survive working long hours.

Plan Ahead. I know you can't always predict when you will find yourself working those hours, but if you can, take advantage of it. I spent last night cleaning my house, getting caught up on laundry, making sure there was food that Joel could eat for dinner in the fridge and I even packed my bags for a trip we are taking this weekend. Knowing these things are already checked off my weekly to-do list, will reduce some of the stress I am going to be feeling.

Sleep. I try to get as much sleep as I can. It is hard to get a decent amount of sleep when you are getting home around midnight and leaving for work the next day around six in the morning. I pretty much come straight home, take a quick shower to relax and get straight into bed. No reading, no watching tv, and definitely no facebook-ing or instagram-ing on my phone. I try to get as much sleep as I possibly can so I am feeling rested and sharp.

Sweatshirts & Jeans. My office requires professional attire during the work day, so when I know I will be working late, I will pack a change of clothes. It isn't that my work clothes are uncomfortable, but there is just something about putting on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and changing from heels to tennis shoes, that really helps me to refocus.

Music. I typically listen to music throughout my regular work day, but I find when 10:00 pm rolls around and I am still chipping away at my workload, changing up the tunes helps me get energized again! Lately I have been jamming out to a 90s throw back station and I have been loving it. Oh man, I love this song! Okay, I will edit one more page then take a break!

Eating Right. It is really hard to keep up with meal planning and meal prep when you are working 10 to 15 hour days, but that doesn't mean it is junk food all day, everyday. How I eat directly effects how I feel. I can't afford to have a food coma when I am trying to proof read documents at midnight and I can't find myself crashing from a sugar fueled binge of cookies. I try to stock my desk with cans of veggie soup or oatmeal for quick and easy meals. When we order dinner, I try to pick a dish with lean proteins and lots of veggies.

Don't do it, Jess... Don't do it!
Water. I really focus on drinking lots of water when I'm working late. It is tempting to drink a ton of coffee or soda to keep myself feeling alert, but I just don't think the few minutes of clarity it is worth it. If I drink too much coffee, then I won't sleep when I finally get home. If I drink a sugary soda, then I will find myself hitting the wall before I am ready to call it a night. Water is the best solution, stay hydrated my night owls.

Besides, no one wants to be doing this at midnight.
Walk Away. Taking a mental break every now and then, is so important. Sometimes I just walk a lap or two around the office. Sometimes I go chat it up with my co-workers and fellow victims of the late hours. Sometimes I log into Facebook for ten minutes or read some of my favorite bloggers new posts. The mental break helps me to relax and enables me to refresh. Sometimes a step back helps us take a few steps forward.

There you have it. My simple little list of the things that help me get through a sixty or more hour work week.  If you don't hear from me for a while, you can just picture me doing this...

What are some of the things you do to help you get through the long nights at the office?


Friday, February 21, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge :: Update 1

Happy Friday everyone! What better way to celebrate the joy that is finally making it to Friday, than to share with you what has been making me happy these last few days. 

Can you believe it? I started the 100 Happy Days challenge 38 days ago, which makes me already more than a quarter of the way done. I thought I would update everyone on my progress so far and share with you what has been bringing me joy on the daily.

Day 1
Seeing all the hometown love all over town makes me happy! #100happydays

Day 2
Enjoying a beautiful sunset from my office makes me happy! #100happydays
Day 3 
Supporting a friend and his amazing goal makes me happy! #100happydays

Day 4 
Big Papa margaritas make me happy! #100happydays

Day 5
Celebrating a birthday makes me happy! #100happydays

Day 6 
Becoming champions, sending the Whinners packing, and going to the super bowl make me happy! #100happydays

Day 7 
Catching up on Downton Abby makes me happy. #100happydays
Day 8 
After being home sick all day, getting cozzy on the couch with my hubby makes me happy. #100happydays
Day 9 
Finally getting that bathroom drawer organized makes me happy! #100happydays

Day 10 
Tomato Basil soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch made me happy today! And helped me feel better, too. #100happydays

Day 11 
A night out celebrating a friend's birthday makes me happy. #100happydays

Day 12 
Making progress on home projects with the hubby makes me happy! #100happydays

Day 13 
Digitizing our music collection to reduce the number of CD cases taking up space on our shelves makes me happy! 545 albums down, just a few hundred more to go. #100happydays

Day 14 
Relaxing in bed while watching a funny TV show (tonight featured An Idiot Abroad) makes me happy. #100happydays

Day 15 
Eating breakfast for dinner makes me and the hubby happy! #100happydays

Day 16 
A quick and easy dinner, so I can focus on getting ready for our Super Bowl Party, makes me happy! #100happydays

Day 17 
Surprising the hubby with a Seahawks Super Bowl shirt makes him and me happy! #100happydays

Day 18 
Eating a breakfast of CHAMPIONS makes this girl happy! #100happydays

Day 19 
Starting the weekend off right, a full day of getting my hair cut and colored, decorating the house for the game, a really good dinner and an amazing night at the ballet, makes this a really happy girl! #100happydays

Day 20 
Watching the Seahawks win the Superbowl with so many good friends makes me a very, very happy girl! #100happydays #GoHawks

Day 21 
Being officially registered for the Seattle to Portland 2014 bike race makes me a really excited girl! #100happydays

Day 22 
Starting the day off with a no cavities check up at the dentist makes me happy! #100happydays

Day 23 
Being there to welcome our Super Bowl Champions Seahawks home made me really, really happy! #100happydays

Day 24 
Getting all packed up for our weekend of bachelor (for him) and bachelorette (for me) fun makes me happy! #100happydays

Day 25 
Starting off the weekend with a drink in my new koozie makes me happy! #100happydays
Day 26 
Celebrating a wonderful bride to be makes me very, very happy! #100happydays

Day 27 
After a fun filled weekend celebrating a bachelor and a bachelorette, it makes me really happy to be home, in the arms of my husband. #100happydays

Day 28 
Finding ski helmet that fits my head, is super warm and comfortable, and is on sale makes me oh so happy! #100happydays

Day 29 
Getting in some night skiing after work makes this snow bunny very happy!

Day 30 
Receiving a much needed treat this afternoon, compliments of my boss, made this girl very happy! #100happydays

Day 31 
Date night with my hubby, including dinner and box seats at the symphony, makes me very happy! #100happydays

Day 32 
A sweet surprise from my Valentine makes me a happy Mrs. Odell! #100happydays

Day 33 
Starting the day off on the slopes at Snoqualmie and ending the day with friends in Ferndale makes this girl happy! #100happydays

Day 34 
Being there to cheer on Amy as she ran her first half marathon makes me happy! You rock Amy!! #100happydays

Day 35 
Celebrating Julia's birthday makes me happy! Happy Birthday Julia!! #100happydays

Day 36 
Joel fixed my little elf for me and that makes me really happy! #100happydays

Day 37 
After struggling to figure out how to do something, I finally had an ah-ha moment and solved my problem - which made me really, really happy! #100happydays

- - -

Well, there you have it, 37 things that have made me happy in the last 38 days. I wonder what will make me happy today?  If you would like to follow along with me as I finish the challenge, you can find me at

Have a great Friday!!