Friday, November 28, 2008

So Sad

I am sad to announce that Sir Lancealop and Jack didn't get along, so I had to take Lance back. I feel terrible, but it wasn't fair to either bunny. Now I am back down to one bun, and looking for a little girl bunny to join our family.

I am busy getting school finished up. Only three more weeks, until absolute freedom. I am so close I can almost taste it!

Speaking of... I better get back to it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We may have killed our neighbor

Okay, before I can tell this story, I should introduce you to the main characters

Mark Bailey - One of my roommates
Mark Thayer - My other roommate
Katherine - Mark Bailey's girlfriend
Old Nag - The mean old lady who lives next door
Mike Bailey - Mark Bailey's brother, currently undergoing treatment for his returning cancer

Okay, now that you know everyone, I can begin.

So shortly after we moved in I was standing at the end of the driveway waiting for my Dad to come pick me up. Old Nag comes out of her house and asks me, "Hey, who is parking in the street?". Thayer has been parking his truck in the street, a completely legal action, because our driveway only fits two cars at a time. I extended my hand for a handshake and walked over to introduce my self to our new neighbor, "Hi, my name is Jessica. I just moved in next door." She recoiled from me like I was severely infected with leprosy. Old Nag then proceeded to scream at me how my roommates and I have broken so many convent rules and how subhuman we are for it. Our landlord must have forgotten to tell us that only one vehicle is allowed to be parked in the driveway, there is no parking in the street, the lawn must always be neatly moved, and the recycling must be immediately returned to the garage even if you work during the day. I told my dad about the encounter and he told me Old Nag is probably upset her property value has gone down because she lives next door to a rental. When I returned home from a lovely dinner, I told Mike and Thayer about the encounter. They were so upset that Old Nag had been so rude to me, they went right over to her house. Old Nag's husband answered the door and proceeded to interrogate Mike and Thayer. "Where do you work, did you go to college, why don't you park in the garage, how many of you live in there, how long have you had your jobs, is anyone currently a student..." So we have decided they are just two cranky old people with nothing better to do than observe their neighbors and get bent out of shape over the stupidest things. So we just keep to ourselves, keep the lawn mowed, park where we like, and keep the blinds shut on that side of the house.

So, now the stage is set for the recent events. I was watching TV, taking a homework break when Bailey comes out of his room and tells me that Katherine, who recently left our house for work says there is a ticket on Thayer's windshield. Bailey and I run outside to check it out. Sure enough there is a traffic ticket on his windshield. He was fined $0.00 for parking against traffic. Bailey and I ran inside to give Thayer the news. There is no way a cop just happened to be in the neighborhood. We are off the main road, in a side street, and you can't see Thayer's car unless you come all the way around the corner. The best we can figure is Old Nag called the cops on Thayers car. She really needs a hobby. In order to take retaliation for this offense, Bailey and I promptly moved our cars into the street. For a couple days we only parked in the street, leaving our driveway perfectly empty.

When I came home from school the other day, I was told by Bailey we may have killed our neighbor, the Old Nag. He told me he was sitting in his room, which faces the street and an ambulance came down the street and parked in the neighbors driveway. It was there for awhile, flashing lights and everything. He didn't see them take anyone away. We figured our parking in the street is driving her beyond crazy and could have caused a heart attack or something. So I have started parking in the driveway again. I am not sure what the laws are regarding "death by passive-aggressive behaviors toward old people", but I do know that I don't anything to do with it.