The Thirty By Thirty List

Here it is, my thirty by thirty list. I decided to give it's own page, to help me keep track of my progress!

  1. Complete two home projects 
  2. Eat vegetarian or gluten free for one month
  3. Finish the project of turning my blog into a book
  4. Get in the habit of flossing and water piking at least five days a week
  5. Go roller skating
  6. Hike Mount St. Helens
  7. Learn how to play one song on my guitar
  8. Learn how to really use Lightroom
  9. Learn how to really use my camera (not just leave it on the automatice setting)
  10. Learn how to ski
  11. Learn how to water ski
  12. Make it to thirty without a speeding ticket
  13. Organize all the music and photo files on our computers
  14. Purge the junk from my house
  15. Put together a serious emergency preparedness kit for the house and both our cars
  16. Reach my goal weight
  17. Read all the books on my bookcases
  18. Ride in the Seattle to Portland bike race
  19. Ride the Duck
  20. Run a 5K with a 10 minute mile average
  21. Run a half marathon
  22. Run a full marathon
  23. See an NBA game
  24. See an opera
  25. Sky dive
  26. Solve the mystery of what is the combinaion to my gym lock
  27. Take a trapeze class
  28. Think more positively
  29. Travel More
  30. Visit the Skagit County Tulip Festival

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