Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Humpday Confessions

I love, love, love four day work weeks. Today feels like Thursday, but that doesn't mean it isn't time for some Humpday confessions!

I confess...

...I apparently feel the need to grip the handlebars of my bike as though I am hanging on for dear life. After about 90 miles ridden over the weekend, my hands are useless. I can't grip anything, I can't hold anything, and if the fly is down on my pants, it's because I don't have the strength to zip it up. It's that bad!
yep, pretty much how I feel right now...

...biking has pretty much taken over my life. The laundry room is filled with biking clothes, delivery boxes are filled with biking gear to try out, and all our free time is spent peddling. Training for events is such a time-suck!

...I dress like a 90 year old woman. I looked around the bus the other day and it hit me, I look like I'm headed to bingo, not to work. I am working on changing this. Not cool.

...I really enjoy fireworks, but hate waiting for it to get dark. I also like duct taping a bunch of firecrackers to something and seeing if I can blow stuff up. Did you know that Barbie doesn't melt evenly?

...My yard was that house. You know, the one with weeds taller than your knees and grass that is starting to look like a hay field. At least, that was the case until last night, when Joel decided we should do something about that. Honestly, we just didn't want a rouge firecracker to land in our dried out, over-grown yard and burn down our house. We are no longer that house. You're welcome neighborhood.

Well, that is about all I have for today! We are offically more than halfway done with this week - bring on the holiday weekend!!


Vodka and Soda


  1. Yard work must be exhausting but so satisfying! I know you prob think I'm crazy but I'd love to have a yard to try my hard at gardening in.

  2. you should chat with my husband. he's all into cycling and that's all he wants to talk about!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda