Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's a Good Day When...

You  know those days when everything clicks and life is so good? That is the feeling I get whenever one, or even better, a bunch of these things happen.

It's a good day when...

...I wake up feeling ready to get up, rather than calculating how many more times I can hit snooze.

...I remember to shave my legs in the shower.

...I give myself enough time to make coffee before I leave the house. No delay in the caffine is always a good thing!

...there isn't a single crazy person or a single annoyingly-chipper-person-who-is-trying-to-make-new-friends on the bus ride to or from work. I wish there was a bus for quiet, keep-to-themselves-commuters-only! boss asks me to make a Starbucks run. It usually means I get one too! Best boss ever award goes to...

...I don't spill anything on my self.

...I make it through the entire eight hours of work without being annoyed or irritated by either a co-worker or a project. This is the definition of an amazing day...

...I have a plan for a healthy home cooked dinner and the energy to make it.

...I remember to fill the gas tank in my car before the light comes on.

...I actually want to work out after work, instead of having to force myself to keep with the routine.

...I get random text messages from friends. Those are the best.

...the sun is shinning and I am not at work. What is it about the sun only shinning during 8-5?

...I find myself in the middle of a really good book. I mean the kind of book that you can't stop thinking about.

...I get kitty-of-the-month texts from my brother-in-law.

...when I play kickball with my family.

...I can check a lingering "to-do" item off my ever growing list.

...I am floating in any body of water in my floaty.

...I am relaxing or adventuring on a vacation.

...I manage to get a blog post published.

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  1. I totally agree that it's a great day when I manage not to spill anything on myself. It happens less frequently than I would like - haha! Thanks for linking-up :-)