Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

St. Patrick's Day has always been a special day for Joel and I. The second time we met, was on St. Patrick's Day eve. I was still in school at WWU and had come down to Seattle to cheer on a few friends who were running in the St. Patrick's Day Dash. The night before the race, we all met up for dinner and since Joel was running in the race he was one of the dinner guests.  When Joel walked into the room, sparks flew and I was crazy about him. Flash forward six years, and we find ourselves at the St. Patrick's Day Dash starting line again.

As the Co-Chair of my company's Wellness Committee, I get the chance to participate in a lot of great events in the Seattle area, and one of my favorites is the St. Patrick's Day Dash. Even though the course is basically one giant hill, I really like it. I think what really makes this race enjoyable, is all the great people watching opportunities. People really go all out for this race and dress up in the most creative and unique costumes ever seen!

My Office Team
Angela, Tim, Kristen, Brian, Julie, Me, Joel, Sarah, Stewart, Dan, and Mike
Joel and Julie ran the race with me this year and we did a great job! Joel tends to take off pretty fast, but Julie and I were able to catch up to him. We kept a great pace and finished the race strong. This year, I ran the race in a total time of 35 minutes and 18 seconds; an average pace of 9 minutes and 42 seconds per mile. I was ecstatic about this time. I had set a Thirty by Thirty goal of running a 5K with a ten minute mile average and I would have never thought I could accomplish this goal on such a hilly run!

Joel, Sarah, Julie, Me, and Kristen - Ready Run!
The day before the race, I had stopped at our local feed store to pick up some horse tape for the race (my shin splints secret!) and look what I saw!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Bothell Feed Store Horse!
 A very special shout-out goes to my friend Sarah, who participated in her first 5K race even though she was healing from a partially torn MCL! Check out her story here!
Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!

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  1. Seriously, major congrats on your race time, that is such a huge accomplishment!! Next year hopefully I'll be right there with you... instead of in a stroller. Thanks for the shout out! :-)