Friday, March 1, 2013

A Very Sad Day

The Odell family is one member smaller. I am very sad to say that Jack Rabbit has passed way. I came home from work on Wednesday night to find him peacefully curled up in his box, gone from this world.

Who knew such a small bunny could leave such a big hole in my life.

When he first came home, his ears were so big!
This is how many Saturday mornings went for Jack, Anna and Me.
He LOVED to chew on things, newspaper, blankets, carpet, my couches,
clothes, backpacks, junk mail, pay stubs, receipts, anything really...
Bet you didn't know bunnies can swim! Jack used to swim in the pool at
Joel's apartment in Redmond. I always made sure he was on his leash
so I could rescue him if needed.
Sometimes he would need to rest, so he would lay across my ankles.
When his fur was wet, his legs looked so skinny!
When I lived in Bellingham, we used to take Jack to Boulevard Park.
People were always surprised to see a rabbit on a leash.
What a little face!
Every year we dressed Jack up in Christmas Duck's outfit for some giggles.
What a good sport!
Merry Christmas from the Christmas Bunny!
He was so cute in that little hat!
Jack loved to lay in Joel's lap and just be petted for hours.
He is so relaxed in this picture!
Joel decided he would use Jack as his "bunny" in a round of Killer Bunnies.
Jack was always up for some fun and games.
Joel and Jack - watching football together. Boys will be boys.
Jack liked to sit in the chair and watch me work on projects.
I knew he was really just waiting for his chance to eat something when I wasn't looking, but it was still super cute!
I loved to feed him fresh greens and listen to him chew - the smallest sound, but such a cute sound!
He would make fast work out of carrot tops, cilantro, and spinach.
How can you get mad at this face, even when he completely destroyed a couch pillow.

I miss my bunny boy.


  1. Poor Jack Rabbit! :-( We only met once or twice, but I miss his little furry face, too!

  2. These pictures are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing with us all, he was a loved little bun!