Sunday, August 15, 2010

Connor & Joel

Our nephew Connor came to stay the night with us. He and his sister, McKenzie, had come over for the night one time before, but this time Connor was coming alone. He wanted to play X-box with Uncle Joel and he didn't want to share it with his sister.

Here are some of the funny things I heard from Julia, Connor's mom, leading up to the weekend at our house.

1. "Mom, it just isn't fair that I don't have an X-box. I think I should have one."

2. On the way home from a week at Moses Lake, "Mom, Where are we?" "We are by Bellevue" "Doesn't Uncle Joel live near here" "Well, sort of" "Good, drop me off there, I'm not coming home, I'm going to Uncle Joel's house." "Umm, Uncle Joel is at work" "So, Aunt Jessica is home, so just take me to their house." "Aunt Jessica is at work, Connor, you can't go over there." "Yes, I can, I will just play X-box until they get home. Just take me there."

So we had Connor over so he could get his X-box fill. So yesterday afternoon, Connor arrived with his Car's suitcase and was all ready to start gaming. Ever since he opened the door it has been non-stop computer games, (that is until he, and this is a direct quote, "I'm breaking up with the computer, now I'm with X-box") X-boxing, water fights in the yard, chasing Jack around, eating corn dogs, and all sorts of other fun. It was just too hot last night, so we went to the movies and we watched Despicable Me. That movie was so, so funny. We watched it in 3-D down in Redmond. Connor was just cracking up. Then we came home for Cookie Dough Ice Cream and bed.

Last night when Joel was getting Connor ready for bed, Connor informed me was going to sleep in his clothes, that way he would not waste time getting dressed in the morning and he could go straight from bed to the x-box. When Joel came into the bedroom after tucking Connor in for the night, I asked if Connor put on his pj's or if he really did wear his clothes to bed. Joel said, "oh, I don't know" "What do you mean you don't know, what was Connor wearing? Did you tell him to put on his PJ's". "Well, I figured he brushed his teeth and went to the bathroom, those are the major ones, so he is set for bed. I didn't even think about pj's." That cracked me up. I guess when we have kids, I need to make Joel a check list. So in the morning, I discovered, Connor did sleep in his clothes and he told me that he didn't pack any other shirts. "One shirt is just as good as another, I don't need two." Well, whatever. It's not like we are going to the White House later today. I was lucky enough to get him to eat breakfast before he turned on the x-box.

I'm listening to Joel and Connor playing Lego Indiana Jones right now, and this is what I hear...
C: Come on, Come over here Joel.
J: Wait, how do I get over there.
C:It's easy, just do it. Come on.
J: I don't think I can jump that high
C: Just try unlocking it, no no no no come on help me kill these guys
J: I'm trying, I'm trying
C: You need the banana, aggghhh more bad guys! Help me!
J: I'm trying, I'm trying

It is cracking me up. I sit on the couch and drink my coffee and just watch the two of them. They are so alike in so many ways. It is just too cute!!

This is not helping with my baby fever!!

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  1. JESS! I love your stories! This is so stinkin' cute. What a special time together too... Connor sounds like a good handful for you two. :) Baby fever eh? You better come see ours when I pop. lol. Or maybe not.. that might not help. Well, at any rate -I'll keep you posted.