Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kendall & Jess's Rhyme

Auntie Jess is just the best
Dad needs to take a rest
Rain on metal makes rust
Sometimes cars are painted red

When tired you should go to bed
If you are sick take your meds
After the kids go to sleep we will go to Fred's
Don't marry a nerd named Ned

Now I wear Nikes but I used to wear Keds
Snip snip snap snap
Jess loves to take a nap
Joel has to take a crap

Then later Jack takes one in his lap
Just for that Joel will give that ass a slap
If you like what you see give us a clap
To express his thanks he busts out a rap

Cover the leftovers with saran wrap
His foot is now stuck in a mouse trap
To feel better he got out his treasure map

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