Friday, November 16, 2012

Resturant Review: D-Thai

Last night Joel and I wanted to celebrate reaching a goal we had set for our selves a while back, so we decided to just go out to dinner. We picked our local favorite, D-Thai. This Thai restaurant is located in Bothell, our backyard, and we love it. We had driven past it so many times, never thinking of giving it a try because it was located in strip mall, next to a Little Caesars Pizza and a cigar shop. One night we wanted to eat some Thai food, so I googled Thai restaurants and D-Thai received the highest reviews, so we decided to give it a chance. I am so glad we did!

The restaurant is very small, but set up in a way that takes advantage of every inch. We enjoy sitting in the booths because the table top is decorated with different coasters and an assortment of funny cartoons. It is good entertainment while you wait for your food. The servers are always friendly and we never wait long for our food. Joel loves that they take him seriously when he orders a six, on the spicy scale of one to five. He doesn't even have to add more spice, they hit it perfectly every time.

I ordered a Chang beer, and the server brought me a matching mug and coaster!
The table top displays an assortment of coasters and cartoons
Joel ordered the See Ew Chicken - Wide rice noodles stir-fried in sweet soy sauce, eggs, and vegetables. He said it was very good.
I ordered the Kow Soy Chicken - One of Northern Thailand's most popular dishes. Egg noodles topped with a creamy curry sauce. Also, my new favorite!
Cheers to us for reaching our goal - and for not having to do dishes tonight!
Joel and Me.
We love D-Thai and the fact it is located about five minutes from our house, makes it even better. If you ever find yourself in Bothell, check it out!

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