Friday, March 21, 2008

The last two days have been somewhat strange. I haven't been feeling very well. It wasn't really a flu or a cold. I had an upset stomach, couldn't keep my food down, but didn't have a fever or anything else that comes along with a flu. Not sure what the problem was, but today I am feeling much better.

Charlie is back in the office today. He has been in Arizona for the last week and a half for Baseball's Spring Training. Yep, it is almost time for my favorite sport to start to up again. There were mixed results to the changes I made to the office in his absense. I just got tired of the clutter, the messes, the piles, the mystery bolts and screws, and other strange piles often found in a remodeler's office. Now it looks like a true office. With labeled boxes, magazine bins, organized files, cleared off desks, blue-print bins, awards hanging on the walls, not a dust-bunny to be found, and I even organized a employee-work-station for when the boys stop by the office to drop of pick-up tickets, timecards, change orders. I have to say, I am really proud of what I have accomplished in the last week.

I can't believe that Easter is this weekend. Isn't it too cold to be egg hunting? Shouldn't we wait until there is at least some sun outside? Oh well. So, thanks to the holiday, it turns into another weekend of driving from Bellingham to Redmond every single day this weekend. Tonight, I will make the drive to Redmond. Tomorrow Joel and I will make the drive back up for my family's Easter function and afterwards we will make the drive back down. Then on Sunday, we will make the drive to Snohomish for his familys Easter dinner. Then we will make the drive back to Redmond, from there I will pick up my car and make the drive back to Bellingham. Sometimes holidays aren't that much fun. I do like chocolate bunnies, though.

I have made the decision to go on the cruise to Mexico. It was a tough decision, but I have finally come to make one. When a good friend needs you, and your one-and-only is wiling to let you go, you better go. I hope that it was the right decision. I think I feel so positive about my decision thanks to all the talking about it I have done with Joel. I believe I know how he feels, how he will feel, and how we will both feel when the special days comes and we are in two different countries. Man, life can be tough sometimes. (I can't belive I am complaining about life being tough when I am going on a cruise to Mexico!)

Well, I better get back all the stuff I have to do around here!

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  1. Cruise to Mexico, what's there to think about?! hahah