Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sitting... Waiting... Wishing...

I'm sitting in the lobby of Glass Doctor, waiting for the windshield on the 1995 Work Van to be replaced, wishing I was back in the office so I could get something productive done. Charlie had a BIA-GA meeting this morning, and was running late, so I had no ride back to the office. So I borrowed mom's laptop, so at least I could I write my article for the next BIA-Newsletter. Now that I finished that, I have nothing but Internet cruising to do. Now, this might sound fun to someone, but all I can think about is the work back at the office. I feel guilty getting paid to sit here. Normally I would welcome this kind of task, but not this week.
We have turned in our applications for the new house. (P.S. I am moving - the rent at my apartment increased and I was not happy - I am moving). I really hope that we get this place. I am very excited. It will be interesting to live with two boys and no girls. (Did I mention they are both named Mark!). I don't see any trouble arousing from being the only female around. I tend to get along better with guys. I am a bit nervous about going back to the roommate thing. It has been really nice living alone, aside from the paying 100% of all bills - that sucked. The whole getting used to sharing space thing is always awkward... do we have our own cupboards, or do we just share all food, do we make a chore chart or just clean up as we go, who pays what, who's name on what account, all that kind of crap. Oh well, for my last year in Bellingham, I might as well save some money. Besides, maybe Jack will feel better with other guys around, he can have some guy time. :)

Speaking of my baby... Here are some of my favorite pictures over time...

Jack somehow unattached his potty from the cage and dragged it into his box and then sat in there for the longest time... what a funny bunny

Katie is napping and Jack is giving her a bath... awh how sweet! (P.S. those are not droppings, they were trying out raisins for the first time)

This was Katie's first bath, she LOVED it! She would kick her back legs and send water flying - I think I might have been wetter than she was!

Easter Bunnies!!

Katie was big that we just squished Jack inwhere ever we could, she was so big - and not very happy with me, as you can tell...

This is one of the last pictures I have of Katie, and I like it because they were always like this, sitting together, hanging out together in the their cage, always on the second floor...

Best Pals!

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