Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not So Bad

Even after the busy, hectic day I had today, it isn't hard to remember why I like my job. One reason is the view from my desk. I work on the 27th floor of 1201 Third Avenue; just picture in your head, three blocks up the hill from Pikes Place Market. On any day of the week, rain or shine, I watch the activity in the sound. Not only do I watch the ferry come and go but I get to watch the tug boats. They are my favorite. As soon as a freighter hits the sound, they are out in action. They drive up the big boat, push it around, and then neatly tuck it away along side some dock. Sometimes I think they just play with the big boat; pushing it in circles, pushing it left, then right or just using it to block the ferry. It kind of fun to glance up from whatever I might be working on and see the progress made. Sometimes when I think back on my day at work, it seems more like a time-lapse video of boat activity. Whenever I find my self in a meeting in Conference Room 1, I have to be sure to sit with the windows to my back otherwise I won't remember a single word. How can you pay attention in a room with floor to ceiling windows and a view like this?

Not a bad view, right?

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