Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring is Here!

Last fall I ordered a box of micellaneous bulbs from Brecks. I decided to plant the flowerbed along the east side of the house with bulbs because they will mulitply and come back every year. I could plant once and be done for a long time! I was so excited this spring when little green signs of life started coming up through the dirt! Spring is here!

Bright Yellow Daffidols
I loved the orange centers, these were a suprise!
Pink hyacinths, these just keep coming back every year!
Spring isn't spring without a rainbow!

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  1. We just had to move everything off our deck for some repair work and amoung all the stuff were a lot of flowerpots with dead plants in them. It has been decided that I'm no longer allowed to try and grow things. Seriously, I once even killed bamboo. So good job! ;-)