Sunday, June 16, 2013

Celebrations for the Odell Family!

The Odell family was long over due for a get together! We had two birthdays, a wedding anniversary and Father's Day to celebrate together, so we gathered at Joel's parent's house in Snohomish for a barbeque.

Connor and Joel share a birthday and our busy schedule kept us from celebrating with him until today. He was very eager to open our gift; he knows that Uncle Joel never fails him. Sure enough, Uncle Joel got Connor the Number One and Number Two items on his wish list this year, Halo 4 and AA-batteries.

Connor and Joel
Apparently Connor has so many gadgets that require AA-batteries that he has resorted to pocketing them from Papa and Nana's house. Julia discovered that Connor had collected a gallon Ziploc baggie full of batteries!  So when we heard this story, we knew just what to get him in addition to the newest Halo; a Costco sized package of AA-batteries. He was just thrilled, as you can see.

We hung out in the back yard, enjoying the sunshine and watching the kids jump on the trampoline. Yes, there are two trampolines at Jack and Judy's house. The kids like to jump from one to the other, and it is quiet entertaining to watch.

Julia, Mackenzie, Connor and Kendall enjoying the afternoon.
Connor and Mackenzie playing on the trampolines.
Connor also got a new kitten from his Nana for his birthday, which is just as cute as can be. He can be seen here napping in a chair, a rare occurrence I am told. He spends lots of time playing with the older cat at Jack and Judy's house, which seems to like having a kitten around. 
Sleepy kitty!
Let me in, please let me in!
They have started calling the new kitten E.T., which is short for Extra Toes! Yep, this kitten is a Polydactyl cat, which means it has extra toes. E.T. has six toes on each paw, which makes him just beyond belief adorable, with those giant paws!

We were also celebrating Jack and Judy's 40th Wedding Anniversary! They were married forty years ago on June 16, 2073 and have been living their happily ever after, ever since. We were so excited to celebrate with them on their special day.

Judy and Jack, dancing at our wedding.
I must have been having too much to remember to take more pictures, but we had a great time together. They all enjoyed a feast of salmon, salads, bread while I ate the dinner I brought for myself. It was day seven of my cleanse and I wasn't going to give up yet! I even made my special dessert, a strawberry rhubarb crisp, but didn't have a single bite! I'm doing great during these last days of the cleanse.

Our afternoon at Jack and Judy's house with the Odell family was a great end to our weekend. We are rested and ready for another week!
How was your weekend?


  1. Dang girl, you have been a blogging machine lately! And you've been super busy, too. That story of Connor and the batteries is cracking me up, and I'm so glad you posted photos of the six-toed cat!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. I know! I’m trying to get caught before the trip next week. And isn't E.T. just the cutest little kitten!

  2. What a bunch of fun reasons to celebrate! My parents 40th anniversary is this year too, I should probably think about doing something for them...

    1. We are also going out to dinner with them to a really nice restaurant. They never treat themselves to a night out, so are making sure they do it!