Thursday, June 13, 2013

Five Things I Heart About Joel Today...

I just wanted to share some random ways that Joel steals my heart each and every day. So please forgive me for a pretty sappy post, but what can I say, I heart Joel.

1. He makes heart shaped spills on the kitchen floor.

2. He says things like "look at me all fancy in my pantsy".

3. He emails me links to videos like this.
4. He tries to be healthy. He was pretty mad when they made him take it down, for safety reasons. So, lesson learned, don't stack your desks in the office, friends.
Joel's improvised ergonomic desk he made at work.
5. We have text message conversations like this:
    Me: "Can you pack a knife in checked luggage?"
    Joel: "Yes I believe so. "
    Joel: (15 minutes later) "Why are you wondering?"
    Me: "Because I might decide to do just that for our trip to Arkansas."
    Joel: "Really? What do you need a knife for?"
    Me: "Cutting things. It is going to be a long car ride and I might need to cut things."
    Joel: "(face palm)"
    Me: "I really like adding lemon to my water, so I was trying to think of how I would be able to cut up lemon slices while on our trip and I thought maybe I could pack a paring knife... if you must know."


  1. Okay that fox video might be the cutest thing ever.

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. I wish I could stand at my desk sometimes. I'm afraid I am going to get a chair butt from all the sitting I do!