Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This or That :: Winter Edition

Let's make it a Link Up Tuesday, shall we!

I'm joining Candra, Jodi, Kristine, and Katie for this week's This or That: Winter Edition.

This or That Link Up

1. Fashionable snow boots
or practical snow boots?
I think my snow boats fall under both categories. They are warm, durable, and actually keep my feet warm when I'm out in the snow and they don't look half bad either.
I like it when I have both function and looks!

- - -

2. Hat or ear muffs?
I much prefer hats. I am always cold and I feel like hats help you stay warmer better. Although I did just pick up a really cute knit headband thingy while I was in Leavenworth the other weekend and I am loving it!

- - -

3. Snowed in or playing out in the snow?
Playing out the snow! This year Joel and I have a few ski trips planned and I can't wait.
I love the snow.
- - -

4. Sledding or snow tubing?
Sledding! We didn't really have any hills around our house when I was growing up, so my dad would tie our sleds to the back of his Jeep and drive us around the fields. The only way to go sledding in my opinion. Well, alright, that downhill sledding ain't too bad either.
Julie was too little to join us on the sleds this time around, so she would cheer us on from the back of the jeep.
- - -

5. Almost winter or winter’s almost over?
Amost winter. I tend to get bored with a season by the time it is over. I think it is because Joel and I keep busy enjoying what season has to ofer. Like right now, I am over pumpkin patches and apple orchards - I am ready for ski lifts, woodsy cabins, and snow!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love your knitted head thing!! I want one!! And we are just north of the border and have been talking about going to Leavenworth for the last couple of years! Maybe this summer we will get there. Although, I'd love to go at Christmas when it's all decorated! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Seriously, I don't see why practical boots can't ALSO be fashionable, right?! And I also love hats, but I did see this girl on the bus last week wearing the CUTEST pair of ear muffs, and now I kind of want some...