Friday, January 17, 2014

An Amazing Guy with a Big Goal :: The Seahawks Car

Each and every one of us has had a great idea at one time. But it is very rare that we act on those ideas. This is not the case with my friend, Richard Dean. This guy had a big idea and in a month and a half he made it happen. Rick decided he would buy a car, turn it into a custom Seahawks Car, and then sell the car to raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital. He has used his own money for this project and has poured everything he has into his vision. He has worked around the clock to make this dream a reality and now it is finished and ready for the world to see it.

This is what the Seahawks Car looked like on December 10, 2013. That’s right, only 38 days ago, Rick was stripping off the old paint and prepping it for the greatest transformation ever. He started with a 2007 Dodge Charger and a dream to go big or go home.

And go big did he. After hours spent in the shop, lots of hard work and the help of a few guys with hearts as equally big, the Seahawks Car is ready for its unveiling. This car is amazing!

These pictures don't even begin to show the detail and care that went into this project. The silver paint sparkles and shines like a diamond. The graphics are so detailed and incredible. The hood was airbrushed by hand. By hand, people. It is incredibly meticulous and it really stands out. All the little touches really pull it all together, like the green paint around the headlights and the feathers in the 12th Man number on the roof of the car. This is a car that you HAVE to see in person.
And that is just what Joel and I got to do last night when Rick brought the car down to Kroakers in Everett. We meet up with Rick to hear the stories behind the car and to see it for ourselves. I've been following the progress of the car on Facebook, but I was blown away to see it in person. This is an unbelievable car.

The work for Rick is just beginning. Now that the car is finished, it is time to get it on the road and in front of the fans. He was on the Q13 FOX News this morning for Bill Wixey's Blue Friday newscast and he will be at Westlake Center's Blue Friday celebrations this afternoon as well. He needs all the help we give him, so check out the Seahawks Car Facebook page and spread the love!

can't get enough of this car!

Go Hawks!
Go Seahawks Car!

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  1. Still can't believe how amazing this thing looks, and how much work went into it. Not that the Hawks aren't worth it, obviously. :-)