Thursday, January 23, 2014

Live & Learn Thursday :: A Sentimental Old Fool

It's that time again. It is Thursday and we all know what that means. Another Live & Learn Thursday link-up. This week I'm sharing something that husband pointed out about me, that just might be true.

Life As Always

Last night my husband and I were watching TV and an engagement ad came on. It was all mushy and sweet and featured a giant ring in the latest style. After the ad ended, he asked me if I ever wished I had a different ring. I thought about it for a minute and this is what I said.

"No, I don't want any ring but the ring I have. Yes, I will admit sometimes I see other rings and think to myself,  'Oh, that is pretty! I wouldn't mind wearing that.' But I wouldn't wear it as a replacement to my wedding rings, but on another finger as just another pretty ring.  Nothing can replace the ring that you picked out. This is my wedding ring. This is the ring that I said I do to you with."
He thought about this for a minute and then said, "Well, you could put the diamond in a different setting or something, if you wanted." 

And I immediately replied with, "Nope, never. To me that would be the same as saying 'well, I really like this being married thing but just not you, so I am going to switch out the boy but keep the married bit.' I feel like, if I changed anything about my rings, then they wouldn't the rings I got married with. I love my rings and I don't want to change a thing about them."

Again he was silent for a minute or two before saying, "You know, you are really sentimental." 

So there you have it. I guess I am a sentimental old fool. I haven't thought of myself as being one, but this is how I feel. I might change my mind ten or twenty or thirty years down the road, but right now I couldn't imagine changing a single thing about my wedding rings.

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  1. Aww.. I'm sentimental about things like that too. My Parents have been married 38 years in March (I think) and they started with gold bands and over the years my Mother has upgraded-- I could probably do that but I would never want to change the ring that I said I do with-- just because things are bigger and better now.

  2. How sweet! I love your ring and that you love it so much!

  3. Aw, I love that you are sentimental about your ring! I am, too. I would never want another one no matter what. But I mean, if Stew offered me some amazing right hand ring to wear in addition to mine... I wouldn't say no. ;-) Thanks for linking up!

  4. I am super sentimental about all kinds of things. I could be a hoarder if I wasn't a germaphobe, lol!

  5. I feel exactly the same way about my rings! Maybe in time I will end up having to replace them - my mum had to when her original wedding ring wore too thin - but I will always keep the originals (just like my mum did) and I will wear them as long as I possibly can.