Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sh*T Men Say

So, last night Joel and I decided we would take advantage of the extra light in the evening after work, thanks daylight savings, and go for a quick run outside.

When we go for runs, we drive our car down to the park and ride which is just across the street from a lovely little trail the locals like to call the Burke-Gilman Trail. It is a great spot to run because it has lots of shade, great views of the lake, and very few street intersections. We love living so close to the trail.

Last night as we started out on our jog, we approached the street where when driving we would turn left to go home. Joel turns to me and says...

Oh wow! Did you know there is a trophy shop right there?
Look at that.
It is called Mr. T's Trophy's.
Well, that is good to know.

I totally did the slow head turn with one eyebrow raised up, which is a bit trickey when you are jogging. Did you seriously not notice the two story, blue building with the giant sign that is on the corner of the street we turn down nearly every day? In four years, you never noticed it. I have imaginged Mr. T himself walking into this store and demanding a free trophy for Best Gold Chain or Best Haircut a millions times. That is how I entertain myself while waiting for the green left turn arrow at the traffic light. Seriously. Joel responded to my look with...

I'm guessing you have noticed?
Yes, dear. Yes, I have noticed. And I still love you.

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  1. Hahahahahahah! Men have tunnel vision, I swear!!!!!!
    Thanks for linking up with us! :D

  2. I would probably be the one in this situation that didn't notice what is right under my nose. My boyfriend will point out the littlest things while we are driving and I will have never noticed it!

  3. This trail sounds fantastic and I sound like your husband. I notice nothing when I'm driving but EVERYTHING when I'm walking (I would say running but it would be a total lie - I'm lazy!)

  4. Okay honestly this totally could have happened to me... I often neglect to notice the most obvious things!