Thursday, March 20, 2014

Live & Learn Thursday :: Keep Your Bling Blingn'

You all know what time it is! Time for another Live & Learn Thursday link up! This week I will be sharing I keep my bling nice and sparkly.

Life As Always

I love my wedding rings. Clearly. But they get dirty. I am always putting on lotion, I work out with them on, I pull weeds in the yard with them on, I do everything with my rings on. I even went through a little scare with my rings. A while ago I started to develop a terrible rash on my ring finger that go so painful and swollen I couldn't wear my rings. Joel was really upset about it. He made sure my rings were platinum, because I have a slight skin allergy to nickel in jewelry. He wanted to be sure my rings would never cause me grief. Turns out, my rings just needed to be cleaned. Don't get the wrong idea. They were clean by sight, but deep in those tiny nooks and crannies, stuff was getting trapped and it needed to be cleaned out.

I have heard a lot of conflicting information about the best way to clean your jewelry. I have heard that the cleaning solution used by jewelry stores, you know the liquid they soak your rings in for about ten minutes or so, well, I heard that can actually damage your rings over time. Something about it stripping off a tiny layer of your ring each time... I have also heard it is just fine and doesn't do anything. But the idea of having to take my ring into a store to be cleaned by strangers a couple times a week, sounded awful. So I did some research, tried out a few things, and eventually found the perfect solution for me.

So today, I share with you...

How to Clean Your Rings
The Quick and Easy Way to Keep Your Bling Blingn'
Step 1 :: Place your rings in a small dish. Be sure to be gentle putting your rings into the dish, don't want to cause any damage. I like to use my little pinch bowls, like these.

Step 2 :: Add two pumps of good old dish soap.

Step 3 :: Fill the bowl with hot water. I like to use my K-Cup brewer because it is fast and the water is nice and hot.

Step 4 :: Swirl the bowl a bit to mix the soap and water. Be gentle!

Step 5 :: Leave the rings to soak until the water cools to room temperature.

Step 6 :: Rinse the rings very carefully and set them to dry on a paper towel. If you are in a hurry you can dry the rings with the paper towel or another no-lint towel.

Step 7 :: Once the rings are dry, put that bling back on your finger and watch it sparkle!  

I usually clean my rings about twice week. Mostly because I love that freshly cleaned sparkle! I start the process when I cooking dinner or while doing the dishes after dinner. I leave my rings out to dry in a safe place over night.
I haven't tried this on any other piece of jewelry but I wonder if it would work just as well? Hmmm...
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  1. This post makes me sad because I can't fit my rings onto my fat fingers no matter how clean they are!