Tuesday, June 3, 2008


something stirs and awakens, an itch in fingers to dance, to express mysteries. nothing brings me more into a moment. enhancement of sounds, brightening of sights, awareness of details, eternity-like moments. travel outside the skin, out of my earthly ties and a freeing release of pent up angst. scenes begin to play out, adventures to be had, stories to tell, lives to live. nothing is limited, everything is possible, all at once. distractions become the focus, interior conflicts become exterior, confinements released. connections made to lost causes. belonging no where, belonging to on one. ready to run, to sit, to spin. the itch grows. the spirit sighs and body relaxes. lips part and emotions find voice. questions turn to answers, and fears to trust. need to express. need to express. need to express. scratch the itch.

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