Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Drive-though Drive Way, Ants on a Log, and Under the Bed Adventures

Nothing too exciting has happened in the last few days, but I can think of some few random items to share.

There is a house near my home that cracks me up every time I drive past. It is located right next door to a fast food restaurant and the drive way for the house is connected to the drive through for the restaurant. I wonder if the people who live there have to go through the drive through every night to get home? Hello, may I take your order? Nope, just trying to get home. I wonder if they crave fast food all day, or if they themselves smell like french fries every day because they live next door to fast food. It would be so obnoxious to try to sleep while people are getting their late night food right outside their window. I bet they have dreams of happy meals and combo orders. I wonder if when they have parties, their guests part at the fast food restaurant? I always look for this house during my commute, it always cracks me up.

The other day in the lunch room at work, I saw something I didn't realize was still being sold in stores. Remember Pizza Bagels? I still know the jingle... Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at super time, when pizzas on a bagel you can have pizza any time. Yep. One of my co-workers was eating some pizza bagels. I was so shocked, I had to say something. She was laughing at me. She told me that they do still sell them and thanks to her husband, they are well stocked at home. It still cracks me up.

Lunch time is very interesting at the office. I like to look and see what everyone brings for their lunch. Some people go out and buy food to bring back for lunch every day. One person really likes Taco Bell, while another one really likes Subway. Another person, eats a pot pie every day. That usually makes the lunch room smell pretty good. Someone usually has some sort of microwaveable lunch or something left over from dinner. I was made fun of yesterday for bringing ants on a log in my lunch. I can't help it, ants on a log is so good. I made a whole bunch of them, I filled up a tupperware container to go along with my sandwich and string cheese. I always look forward to eating my string cheese. There are riddles on the packaging for the cheese, so I get to read a joke every day.

Joel just came downstairs from chasing Jack out from under our bed. I know that something funny must have happened, because they are both out of breath and I have been hearing thuds coming from upstairs for the last bit. Here is the story Joel told me: he saw Jack go upstairs and he figured he better go make sure the bedroom door was closed. (background info: Jack loves to go under our bed. I think he pretends he is a wild bunny, hiding out in his burrow, somewhere out in the wild, doing rabbity things. This is fine, except the electrical cord for our heating blanket is under the bed and Jack just loves to chew on cords. So for his safety and ours, we can't let him be under the bed.) So Joel went upstairs to make sure that Jack wasn't under the bed. Sure enough, that is exactly where the rabbit was. Joel decided he was going to catch Jack, so when he went into the bedroom he closed the door behind him. When Joel got down on the floor, Jack saw him coming and made a run for the door, trying to make his escape. When he saw that the door was shut, he made a dash back toward the bed. Poor Jack continued in this circle for awhile as Joel attempted to get a hold of him. When Jack had enough of this cat and mouse game, he made a dash into the bathroom and through to the closet. Joel thought he had Jack now. Joel positioned himself at the doorway between the bedroom and the bathroom, waiting for Jack to attempt his escape. It wasn't long, and Jack was ready to tempt fate. Joel saw Jack coming and was ready for him, hoping to catch Jack right in his arms. But it wasn't too be; Jack called on his wild roots and sprinted right through Joel's hands. Back under the bed, Jack waited to see what Joel would do next. Joel gave up; he opened up the bedroom door and let Jack calmly exit. The two boys came back downstairs, panting and breathless to tell me their story of adventure. Silly boys.

Well, I better get off the computer and start making my ants on a log for lunch tomorrow. I can't disappoint the lunch room crowds.

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