Sunday, May 2, 2010

Joel's New Car!

So, after hours of research on Consumer Reports, lots of talking and budgeting Joel and I headed out on Saturday morning to car shop. We headed down 405 and test drove so many cars I am not sure what all we drove. We tried the Prius, Camry, Corolla, Mazada6, Focus... so many that I was getting things mixed up. By three in the afternoon, we were so tired we headed to Starbucks to get some caffeine and to shift through all the options. One Dark Cherry Mocha and Carmel Macchiato later, we had made our decision.

We went back to the Kirkland Ford dealership and told Gordon we wanted to buy the 2010 Ford Fusion SEL. Yep, we bought a brand new car. In fact, we put mile 8 on the odometer. Six hours later, Joel drove his new baby off the lot. He was just full of smiles. I told him, he works hard enough, he deserves it all. The heated leather seats, in-dash six disc mp3-CD player, Microsoft Sync (it connects your blue tooth device with the car, you can answer a cell phone will a touch of button on the steering wheel, you can sync your ipod to play all your music, all sorts of stuff), heated side mirrors, ambient lighting in six colors, navigation system, satellite radio, 12 speaker Sony sound system, duel temperature control, blah blah blah... so many features we don't even know them all. Even in the midst of all his excitement, Joel was so kind to say to me, "You know, if I were to come outside one morning and find the Fusion gone, I wouldn't mind driving your car to work" (since I leave before him). I thought that was really sweet of him; to share his new found love with his wife.

Joel and the Fusion in front of the house.

Joel is really excited to have an automatic; no more clutch in traffic.

Just for the record, I asked Joel to stand out front by the car. He thought I was being silly, but I know deep down he didn't mind.

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