Monday, October 7, 2013

A Weekend At The Beach

Joel and I were invited back to Manzanita by our friends Mark and Andi for a weekend of fun and relaxation at the beach. I didn't take too many photos mostly because I was super lazy having such a good time.

Mark and Andi were already at the house by the time we arrived on Friday night, so we quickly got settled in and joined them for a few drinks. Did you know that you can buy ice from a bar? Well, we found this out after going on a search for ice around 10:00pm. I know that businesses don't stay open late in sleepy little beach towns, but seriously there wasn't a single place to buy ice for about a ten mile radius. So we decided to try to buy some ice from a bar. The boys stayed in the car, they were too embarrassed to come in with us. So Andi and I walked in, explained our situation, and were given a bag of ice for free!

We spent most of Saturday hanging around the house, wandering up and down the beach, made a quick trip down to the Tillamook Cheese Factory to buy more squeaky cheese, bought some Everclear at a liquor store (gotta get it while in Oregon since the stuff is illegal in Washington), picked up more strawberries for margaritas, ordered pizza for the night, watched the UW Husky football game, and got Mark and Andi hooked on House of Cards (Joel is terrible).

Marzano's is a great place to get some pizza, if you ever find yourself in Manzanita.
Sunday morning was spent watching the Seahawks football game and drinking mimosas. Let's just say that I really enjoyed myself that morning, despite the fact that the Hawks lost their game. On our way back home, we stopped off to have a drink with a friend who is now working in Seaside, as if I needed another one, and of course we made the customary stop at Don Pedro's were we continued to stuff our faces and order extras to take home. That place is just that good.

Joel and I needed this weekend. It was the perfect weekend getaway and we are really looking forward to our next trip with our friends, this time to Leavenworth!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! Did you get outside to enjoy the amazing weather? Did you also cry when the Hawks lost, or was that just the result of having so many mimosas?


P.S. To start your Monday off right, here is a video of Mark and Andi playing with Chloe, their cockapoo, at the beach. She is just the cutest little pup you have ever seen!


  1. Fun! Looks like you had great weather. I always do that on a trip, too... I'm too caught up with my friends and having fun that I just don't take photos, or I plan to take them later and I never do. Then I always regret it later. But you got some great shots!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. i almost texted you guys last we were laying in bed watching house of cards hahaha

    1. While eating your Macho Burrito and one tortilla tacos... right?! :)

      Jess @ The Odell Yodel

    2. actually yes for mark...tacos but I was beyond full. still haven't eaten today haha

  3. I have only ever been to the coast once, and it was dark... Fail! I seriously want to go, but then the idea of driving there with 2 little kids, does not sound so appealing! haha