Sunday, October 27, 2013

Husky Football - Cal vs UW

Typically I am a crazy very organized person. I plan out everything in a very detailed oriented way that keeps Joel and I on track and on time. But for some reason this year, I just haven't been on my game when it comes to getting ready for the University of Washington football games. (ha, pun intended!)

Joel and I have been constantly late for tailgating, forgetting items at home and generally just being the shit-show in the group. Not something I am proud of. So this Saturday I was determined to change things. The game was scheduled to start at 8:00pm (thanks college football TV schedules, I love the scheduling), so we had plenty of time to get our shit together organized before tailgating started at 5:00pm. I was able to go out and buy some hand warmers and feet warmers (these, these and these and one of these - seriously I effing hate being cold), so I could stay warm for the late night game. Joel had the beer chilling in the fridge. We had a plan for what food we were bringing. We had this in the bag.

It didn't even phase us when Chris came over with his virus infected computer. He and Joel spent maybe an hour saving their files, cleaning out the bad stuff and getting the computer back up running. With Chris all fixed up, Joel and I packed up and headed down the road. We were able to get parking in the lot were we love to park, things are going great. It was going so smoothly, we figured, you know what we need to do now - tempt karma!

That's right. We arrogantly starting saying things to each other like, "oh man, we are doing so good. Look at the time!", and "look at us, we got this. We won't be the idiots this time!" How naive of us. We were about half way to the tailgating spot when Joel asked me "you have the tickets right?" "Um no, you have them right?"

Can you believe it. We forgot the ever loving tickets at home. We were so pissed, we didn't talk the whole way back to the car. We would have driven all the way home and barely made it back in time for kick-off, but Robert so kindly reminded us that we could reprint our tickets at the ticket office. So we turned back around and walked our walk of shame back toward the stadium. We mumbled to each other things like "we have got to get better about this", "what is wrong with us", and "this is the last time, the last time."

After a few beers and some good laughs, I was able to put my shame behind me and focus on the task on hand. To cheer on the dawgs as they took on the California Bears.
The UW marching band started up an improntu concert in our tailgating spot. Normally, I don't care for marching bands, but put me at a college football game and I become a band lover!

Robert and Mike getting pumped for the game! Look at thier cute matching hats.
Joel told me later that he wants one now too.

I love it when the team runs onto the field. I get so excited. Joel thinks it is funny.

Are you pumped? So exciting right! :)

I love Harry the Husky! Be sure to check out his blog:

We made sure to stop by to see Leann and Sean. They have season tickets very close to where we sit! Apparently we were having such a good time, this blurry picture was the best of the group.

The half time featured a special tribute to The Dawgfather, Don James. A legend.

The band played a special selection of songs to honor Don James.

I like this face.

Joel, Me, Robert and Oliver
Can you believe how empty the stands are. I understand it was a late game and we were sure to win, but I always stay until the final whistle.

I have already made myself a checklist and schedule for the next game. I will learn my from mistakes. I will not do this again! Here's hoping, right?



  1. Wow! I was just noticing how clear and crisp your pictures are. haha or maybe it is because I have on my glasses instead of my contacts today! What time did the game actually get over?

  2. Okay honestly I am SHOCKED that you forgot the tickets! You're so super organized! But hey, it happens to the best of us. And I have to admit I'm giggling a little imagining you walking back toward the car, heads hung in shame. LOL

    Sarah @ Life As Always