Friday, October 4, 2013

Hello... Is anyone still there...

I'm back! I know it has been FOREVER since I last posted something and really all of my excuses are legit super lame. So I will spare you the bore of having to read through all the pathetic reasons why it has been nothing but crickets over here and I will skip into what I have been up to since I left.

1. Celebrated my 29th Birthday

Look - even my beer gave me a happy birthday smile!


 2. Went on the Fifth Annual Lake Roosevelt Trip... it was epic

In honor of my birthday, which was two days before the trip, Andi gave me a teria and other "goodies" to continue the celebration of my birthday. Anna even made cupcakes for me and brought a candle for me to blow out.
I have the best friends!


3. Celebrated my sister's birthday and cousin's girlfriend's birthday

Somehow these are the only photos that I have of that weekend. I know I have more, but if I wait until I can find them, this post will never happen. Besides, I will post more about this weekend later, since we rode the Seattle Wheel, ate the Space Needle restaurant and had a beautiful time. But here is Joel looking into the sun at the top of the needle and me enjoying lemonade. Happy Birthday Jackie and Laura!

4. Helped to host a baby shower for my bestie's first baby

Such a fun day! That baby girl is so loved!


5. Joel and I ran our first half marathon
Before the race...          and...          after we survived.


6. Attended the first UW Husky Football game of the year

We are now season ticket holders with Anna & Robert - Hooray for tailgating!


7. Hiked up to Snow Lake with friends


8. Climbed to the top of Mt. St. Helens

This was one of the hardest things I have done yet, but it was so worth it. Amazing.


9. Participated in the 2013 United Way Day of Caring

On September 20 more than 12,000 people in King County completed 448 volunteer projects in one day.
I helped to serve lunch to homeless women at a local shelter.


10. Helped host a deck party/tailgate party for a work event that benefits the United Way of King County

Each year my team at the office sells tickets to a deck party at our annual United Way Auction.
Ticket holders are treated an afternoon of good food, great company and a fun time.
This year we tailgated together and watched the Husky football game.

11. Read several books.


12. Celebrated Julie's birthday.


13. My sister moved out. She has been living with Joel and I for almost three years while working on her nursing degree. We are empty nesters!


14. Went to another UW Husky Football game. This time in the pouring down rain.

Record breaking down pour. Even my rubber boots couldn't keep my feet dry. But we still won. Hooray!


15. Anna and Robert welcomed their baby girl into this world! When we visited them, Joel held a baby for the first time. I'm just so excited that Eleanor Diana Birch is here and is healthy.


16. We have watched every Seahawk game.


17. Worked. A lot.


18. Today is my father-in-laws birthday. Happy 70th, Jack!

Well that about wraps up what I've been doing while this blog collected dust.  I promise will try really hard to not disappear again, I think I've got my blogging grove back and this place won't be a ghost town any longer.

Today Joel and I leave town early to join up with Mark and Andi in Manzanita, Oregon for another weekend away! I am really looking forward to a weekend of gluttonous behavior and good friends.

I hope you all have wonderful things planned for the weekend.



  1. Welcome back, and nice recap! How has Joel gotten this far into life without holding a baby?? LOL

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. Holy cow you guys have been busy! That picture at Lake Roosevelt is already making me miss summer! Did you run the Bellingham half or one down South?