Monday, August 13, 2012

Amy's Bachelorette Party

The night before Amy's big day, Mallory and I decided to take her out on the town in Bellingham and celebrate her last night as a bachelorette. We decided to start the night at Scotty Browns in the Barkley neighborhood. I have not yet been here, as I moved to Seattle shortly after it opened, so I was excited to give this restaurant a try. It claims to bring "big city attitude to the quiet town of Bellingham" and I know it has become very popular. Amy, Mallory and I were quickly seated and our drink orders taken. Mallory highly recommended the "peach drink" and it was amazing. It tasted like a liquid peach ring. Delicious!

Enjoying dinner at Scotty Browns; Mallory, Amy, Me, and Heidi
We had a delicious dinner and it was fun to get to know two of Amy's close friends Mallory (whom I had already meet at our Annual Lake Roosevelt trip) and Heidi.  Amy decided that after dinner she wanted to go bowling. Yes, you read that right, Amy decided to go bowling for her bachelorette night. None of us were dressed for bowling, we were in dresses and heels because we thought we might go out dancing. So we went to Rite Aid, purchased some socks, and went over to 20th Century Bow. I have never attempted to bowl in a cocktail dress before, but I managed to do alright.

I went from heels to bowling shoes in the same night - this is going to be fun!
It just happened to be National Bowling Day in addition to Amy's Bachelorette Party!
Not the typical footware for a bowling alley!
Cupcakes & Beer!
Heidi and Amy
I do remember getting another soda at the bar (I was the sober driver for the night) and being told that I was the classiest person the bar tender had ever seen in the alley. We had a lot of fun trying for strikes, chatting, watching Amy get drunk, and just being girls. Amy decided it was time to head home so we turned in our shoes and we all headed back to Amy's house for the night. I promptly mixed myself a drink and we settled in for a scary movie on the couch at Amy's house.

Overall, a pretty good bachelorette party! I was fine with not getting drunk, considering I was the wedding officiant the next morning. But most important, Amy had fun and even told me it was exactly what she wanted for her special night!

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