Sunday, August 19, 2012

Company Event: Sounders Game

This summer, my company decided to treat all employees to an afternoon at a Sounders game. I was involved in the preperation and planning for the event, so I was excited for the actual day to come and to see all our hard work pay off.

The day started with a hosted tailgate in a private loft space prior to the game. We had lots of great food and beverages for guests to enjoy before we headed to our seats for the game. Unfortunailty our group was so large we had to split up, but everyone still had a great time. We cheered and booed, and watched the excitement from great seats. The weather was warm but not too hot, perfect for an afternoon at the game. To our great enjoyemnt the Sonders won, 2 to 1 against the Vancouver White Caps.
Joel and I in our Sounders gear.
Me, Sarah, and Audrey
Final Score - Sounders Win!

It was a lot of fun to see co-workers outside the office and spend some time getting to know them. Joel particularly enjoyed the nachos and winning the game. Joel and I had been to one Sounders game before and we found ourselves sitting the South Stands where all the die-hard fans sit. Although your food and non-alcholic beverages are included in your ticket price (which was cool), we did have to jump around and yell out cheers the entire game. It was a great work out and since I had no idea what we were supposed to shout, I just created my own cheers.

I would highly recomend attneding a Sounders game. The excitment in the air is contagious and the action is non-stop. Go Sounders!

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