Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Very Merry Early Christmas!

After a horrible day at the office today, I came home to a wonderful surprise! Joel and my brother-in-law Chris had picked up my early Christmas gift and brought it home. By the time I got home from work, Joel had it out of the shipping container and all prettied up. I was so excited! What was it? Why, a dinning room server of course!

My brand new Laurelhurst Gathering Dinning Room Server in a Mission Oak finish.
Joel and I have been on the hunt for the perfect piece of furniture our dinning room for that past three years. We, or I guess I should really be saying I, wanted something that would safely store and display our china, crystal dishes, and fancy silverware, have drawers for placemats and napkins, be tall enough to work as an entry table, be narrow enough not to block the entrance from the front door, and match the stain of our dinning room table. It is a lot to ask of a single piece of furniture, but given the space and our budget, it is necessary.

A new home for my china, crystal, and fancy silverware received as wedding gifts three years ago!
This weekend, Joel and I decided to stop by Underhill's Furniture in Lynnwood, to see if we could find something that would work. Within an hour of walking in the front door, we were walking back out, receipt in hand.  We decided to order the server rather than take the floor model and they said it would arrive by Friday this week. So I was super surprised when I walked in the door tonight to find my Christmas present in my dinning room! I was so excited to finally be able to store my china in a place other than the boxes they came in, in the back of the closet under the staircase! I couldn't be happier with the server we chose. It is perfect for what we need.

The view of the dinning from the staircase landing, now complete with my new server.
The pictures make the server look much darker than the dinning room table, but they are actually very close in color.
This is the third piece of furniture we have bought from Underhill's and we have both been very happy with each piece. Our dinning room table, king-sized bed frame, and now our dinning room server all came from Underhill's. We really like that they have a lot of solid hardwood furniture, which is something that Joel and I prefer now that we can afford to look beyond Ikea. I just love new furniture, it makes me feel like my dream home is finally coming together piece by piece.

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