Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Odellson's are ready for Christmas!

 This weekend was full of holiday activities in preparation of Christmas. On Saturday Joel, Julie, and I went out to get our tree. In years past, we have bought our tree from Home Depot or some other store that is open late at night and has nice trees for cheap. Joel isn't a big fan of paying lots of money for a tree that will barely last four weeks and shed millions of tiny green needles all over the living room floor, but I LOVE them! Unless I develop some intense allergy to a real tree, there will always be one in our living room.

I decided that this year, we were going to cut down our tree. So we looked up tree farm nearby and headed on over to see if we could find our perfect tree. This tree farm was pretty picked over so Joel used his phone to find us a new one. We figured we might have more luck at the Carnation Tree Farm because it was located in Carnation.

This farm was huge! It was so big they handed out maps with the saws, which was nice because it told us which trees grew in which field. It probably took me 45 minutes, but I finally decided on the perfect tree for our living room. In no time, Joel had the tree cut down and Julie helped him carry our tree to the shake-and-net station. While waiting for the tree to be bundled up for the drive home, I noticed they had fresh mistletoe, which I quickly purchased. Nothing says Christmas like kissing under the mistletoe!

The Odellson Christmas Tree
Joel made fast work of cutting down the tree.
Off to the shaker, we go!
So strong!
Ready to take our tree home.
We decided to stop at Starbucks for some of their  hot Carmel Apple Spice to make our Christmas Tree excursion complete. Once we were home, Joel put the tree in the stand and made sure it was standing up straight, while I stood ready with the lights. In no time, the tree was decorated. I decided to get started on putting up the rest of the Christmas decorations.

The Odellson Tree, Pre-decorations
Tah-dah! Our beautiful Christmas Tree!
The Nativity
I don't have a mantle over the fireplace, so we improvise.
My banister with a garland and reindeer.

Our house is now officially ready for Christmas. I just love how fun it is decorate the house for the holidays!

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  1. I feel like these pictures do not do justice to how sparkly pretty the house is!! I love the twinkle lights!!