Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seahawks vs Redskins

Joel and I knew there was only place we wanted to watch the Seahawks take on the Redskins; with Anna and Robert. We joined up with a few other friends at The Birch's house in Puyallup on Sunday to watch the big game.

It is always fun to watch football at Anna and Robert's house because there is always good food, lots of beer, and insightful, if not humorous, conversation! Between Jeremy, Travis, Robert, Jerome, Joel, Amber (the girl and the dog), Patrick, and myself there was nothing but die hard Hawks fans in the room.

Even Amber was cheering on the Hawks from her bed.
Anna knows how to make some good wieners!
Jeremy, Joel, and Jerome enjoying the half-time food.
Travis, Robert and Anna getting fueled up for the second half.
Every time the Hawks scored we all took a Dr. McGillicuddy's shot.
Travis is always educational and informative regarding the game.
RG3's injury replays were very upsetting to Anna, "why do they keep showing it!"
Another Hawks Win!
Amber (the dog), Amber (the girl), Patrick, Travis, Robert, Anna, Jeremy, Me, and Joel
Even though the first half was a bit rough to watch, the Hawks managed to pull it together in the second half and take home the 24-14 victory over the Redskins.

Here we come Atlanta, are you ready for the 12th Man? Hawk Yeah!!

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