Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

It was a busy and disappointing weekend for us. Friday night was pretty normal; a quick dinner, a trip to the gym, and some television watching. Saturday started off pretty busy for me. I was up and in the gym by 7:00am so I could fit in a workout before my appointment in Seattle at 10:00am. When I got home around 11:00, Joel and I worked on sorting out the final details for a couple of trips are taking this year. Over Easter weekend, we are heading to the Pacific coast for a little rest and relaxation with Jackie and Chris. We booked our vacation home and are looking forward to getting away at the shore.

Joel and I also worked out the final details for our trip to Arkansas this June. Joel's dad's side of the family is planning a big reunion in Hot Springs, Arkansas and we are excited to be going. I haven't met anyone from this side of Joel's family but have received many thoughtful wedding gifts and Christmas cards from so many of them. Although I am not very excited about visiting Arkansas in late June (historic average temperature is 90* with high humidity). Joel's parents and his sister's family will also be making the trip to the Odell Family Reunion, so at least I already know six people there!

Joel and I decided to plan a couple days after the reunion to explore the Ozark Mountains of Northwestern Arkansas and get some alone time after the craziness of the reunion. We are planning to stay three days in Eureka Springs before heading home. We have plans to visit underground caves, see the largest underground lake in the nation, go on a few hikes in the beautiful Ozarks, and maybe take a quick trip to Fort Smith. We will be doing a lot of driving on this trip, so I am starting to make my list of books to put on my Kindle, so I will be entertained during the several six hour drives.

Sunday we went down to Anna & Robert's house to watch the Seahawks take on the Falcons in Atlanta. The game started off rocky but it didn't take too long for the Hawks to make a come back. Wilson threw two touchdown passes and ran for another, doing all he could to pull off the most improbable of comebacks for the Seahawks (12-6).  Just when we thought we had the game in the bag, the Falcons went for a field goal and took the win, 30-28. It was so disappointing and heart breaking! As Robert put it, "His Sea Heart is broken!" What an end to an amazing season! Even through the game didn't go the way we were hoping, we had a good time watching with Anna, Robert, Jeremy, Jerome, John, and Jennifer (aside from the hosts, you had to have a J-name to receive an invite - ha!).

Now it is time to make my lunches for the week, get some laundry done, and get ready for another busy work week! We hope everyone had a great weekend!

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