Sunday, April 27, 2008

Airplane Speech

I'm sitting in the Salt Lake City airport, killing time before the next flight. I am busy mean-mugging this old guy who is talking very loudly on his cell phone. My dad asked if I was going to make another one of my famous "airplane speeches".

One time, my dad, sister Julie, mom and I were flying to Baltimore, MD and we loaded the plane in Seattle headed for Atlanta, GA. There were these three guys, in their early twenties who were sitting three or four seats back from where we were. They were talking so loudly about really dumb stuff, that I was loosing my mind. I really didn't want to listen to them all the way to Atlanta (about a five hour flight). I figured they were excited and waited about ten minutes before I stood up. Julie panicked, and watched me with really big eyes. I said, "Excuse me. Would you please mind lowering your voices as a courtesy to the other passengers on this flight. I can't even hear my sister speaking to me who is sitting right next to me. I would really appreciate it, if you wouldn't mind lowering your voices. Thank you." and sat down. I swear to you, five or six people clapped for me. The lady sitting across the isle from me, leaned over to tell me I was her hero. The guys were very embarrassed and were quiet for the rest of the flight.

I think right now, I will stick to mean-mugging this old guy. But if it gets out of hand, I have no problem reminding people of their manners.

Well, I think I will watch a movie. Our next flight isn't for another two hours or so. Next stop, North Carolina.

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