Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay, I was just busted, big time. Very embarrassed.

I had two pieces of Almond Roca for breakfast (hence the previous entry) and so I am feeling a bit of a sugar buzz. I get to listen to music when Charlie isn't in the office (the old grump likes dead silence in the office) so while he was out running errands this morning, I am rocking out. I had my music on random and some opera came on. I am trying out all kinds of different music right now, and am loving classical pieces and operas. Anyways, I was entering tickets and acting out what I imagined to be taking place in this particular opera. I was waving my arms around in the air, dramatically dating the entry of the tickets, flying across the room in my office chair as the music builds to file the tickets... you get the picture. I was being a complete dork in what I believed to complete privacy.

Well, to my dismay, I didn't hear the trucks pull in. As I was coming to the rescue of my tickets-in-distress, I finally noticed Dave and Stuart standing outside the office window. They could hardly breath they were laughing so hard. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to die. I wanted to hide under my desk with the papers I need to shred. Good thing Dave and Stuart are my cousins who have known me since birth. But still...

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