Thursday, April 3, 2008


Oh man, it is only 8:24am and already I have had one exciting morning!

First - I woke up late, again! I have been sleeping through my alarm and I have no idea how. I have it set for 5:45am and the buzzer sound. It is across my room, so I have to get out of my bed to hit snooze. Normally I wake up right before it goes off, but lately I have been sleeping though the obnoxious noise for an hour or so. So I woke up to sunshine and knew right away I had done it again. So I flew out of bed, threw on some clothes (I'm surprised I have clean socks on!), feed the bunnies and raced out the door.

Second - When I got to work, I had to help Charlie jump start the 95 van (I accidentally left the lights on yesterday so the battery was dead. Good thing the '92 van was around for me to drive home), then I had to make a fire cause Lee left after 2ND coating the stairs for a job and didn't start a fire (it helps the product dry faster and since he has already messed this project up several times, we need the darn things dry) but there wasn't any firewood in the shop. So I have take my little cart out back to the wood pile and drag some wood inside for my fire. There must have been some fumes in air, because when I started the blowtorch to start the fire, there was a REALLY big flame. I just kinda stood there for a minute... and then realised I was about to blow my self up. Oops. So I opened the big bay doors and turned on the venting fans (LEE!!!).

Third - I went inside to make coffee and as I was carefully measuring out the amount of grounds, I realised I was half an hour late to call Joel and make sure he was up. He has a big day today, and he was nervous that he might sleep late, so I offered to call and make sure he got up. He is interviewing for a full time position with Microsoft. He is working as a contractor, which means he actually works for Volt, who lends him to Microsoft for a year. At the end of the year, he is forced by Microsoft to take a 100 day vacation before he can start another contract with Microsoft. He is really excited since the full time job with Microsoft will be with the same team he is working with right now. This would be a great opportunity for him and he has studied really hard. I know he can do, but he was pretty nervous. So, half an hour after I said I would call, I called him. He was already up and showered, but he was worried I was sleeping late! Funny boy.

Fourth - Then Mom calls the house and tells me that, and I quote, "Your car doesn't like me anymore." With the way my morning is going (and the fact I have been ignoring a Check Engine light for the past month or so) I was afraid that some thing was really wrong. She had been trying to unlock the car for awhile but the stupid remote wasn't working. This has happened to me before and I just stand there and push it really hard over and over until the darn thing works. But for some reason it wasn't working for mom, and she was cold, and hungry. So I told her to use the key to unlock the car and brace and for the alarm. I walked her through the steps of popping the hood, finding the fuse box for the alarm, and pulling out the fuse. It was nutzy with all the noise of the alarm in the background and trying to work off a memory of the one time I had to do this before. But now Mom is eating breakfast with everyone, and will just use the key to lock the car.

I think I am ready for a nap. I have saved the day four times already this morning. Super heroes have it tough. Well, I better start to see what I can do for today. I have to get the office ready to function without me for the next week, as I leave for Mexico on Saturday!! Oh Boy!!

P. S. I believe it to be some unspoken rule that Chevy Vans (or any construction vehicle for that matter) is only able to receive AM Talk Radio or Classic Rock stations air waves. I found it ironic that no matter which van I drove, that seems to be all the radio can find to play. Oh how true the sterotype seems to be. :)

Have a great day everyone!

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