Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sleeping On It

Sometimes it is amazing what sleeping on a dilemma can do for yourself. I went to bed last night, feeling a bit better but not anywhere near wonderful. I woke up feeling better about my own predicament, easier about a dear one's troubles, and generally at peace with myself.

On a side note...Here is something funny for you all. So yesterday, my Mom was getting ready to leave for a quilting retreat. She and some friends go away to all sorts of resort/retreat like places bringing with them their sewing machines, irons, ironing boards, all the stuff you need to work on a project. It is quiet an ordeal, and she loves going on these trips. So she was backing out the shop driveway (there are two driveways at my parents house; one for the house, and another for the shop) so she was backing her mini van out of the shop driveway and somehow managed to run the mini van passenger side back wheel up the support wire for the telephone pole. She did some major damage to the wheel and parts of the car... dad could hardly get the minivan off the wire, let alone get the tire off (she completely shredded the tire!). So they took the minivan into Charlie's Autobody to see if she could still make the 6hr round trip to her sewing retreat. They said, "No way! That is too far to drive". So Mom was upset that she was going to miss her retreat and wouldn't be able to refunded for it.

I felt bad for her, so I offered to lend her my car so she could go. Yes that is right. My Mom is driving my car to the retreat and I am driving a 1995 Half Ton Chevy Van. It's one of dad's old work vans, it is huge, and a bit ghetto looking because he is trying to sell it. So it doesn't have a company logo on it, it has been sitting in the driveway at the shop so it is dirty and covered in tree debris. I get all sorts of double takes... like "Whoa - A girl is driving that thing!". I just smile and wave at them. I have to park on the street instead of my apartment building's parking lot, cause I can't get the thing in there. I went to Fred Meyer and parked in the middle of no where, cause I have no idea how to park that thing. I have run over, bounced over, parked on, and driven up many of the curbs in Bellingham. It cracks me up to be driving this thing around town. I wonder what people think when they see me. I notice I get a lot more cops following me... maybe they think I am a trouble maker in my ghetto van. Oh - and the van has no guts so I have to floor it and hope I can get up to at least 50mph before I hit the free way.

So if you need a pick-me-up today, just think of me in my ride!

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  1. Haha, what a good story! Nice of you to lend out your car!