Monday, April 14, 2008

Back from Vacation

I am back at work this morning after a week of cruising around the Mexican Rivera. It was the best week of my life so far. I feel so suffocated in jeans, long sleeve shirts, and socks. I want to be in a bathing suit and a dress, or tank tops and shorts. The weather was so warm and inviting. I miss sitting by the pool and tanning on the deck, eating extravagant five course meals every night, and unlimited room services. I really miss the sunshine. I am starting to believe I might one of the many individuals who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I was happy to be back in my own bed though. And my bunnies where very happy to see me too. Jack jumped over Katie and couldn't give me enough kisses. They are so sweet. Julie did a great job of taking care of my babies for me. It was strange to drive a car. I haven't done that in over a week. It seems to take me much longer to get everywhere, since I have to do it myself now. No more having everyone else take care of my every need. Rats.

Well, I better get going. I have a ton of catching up to do at work and my desk is piled with stuff. I will post pictures and stories very soon of my fun in the sun.

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