Friday, April 23, 2010

A Typical Day

Here is my typical day as a happily unemployed person.

9:00am - Wake up. I usually get up when Joel gets up for work. Sometimes I lay in bed for a bit; sometimes I get right up...

10:00am - Breakfast. Time to fill up the hungry tummy, get my caffeine fix, let Jack out of his cage, and watch the morning news...

11:30am - Job Hunt. Time to find a job. I try to apply to three jobs every workday. Three jobs I wouldn’t mind actually having, not just any job. Sometimes this can take a while.

1:00pm - Lunch Time. Starting to get hungry again, time to eat. Jack is usually hungry too, or at least he eats the carrots I give him.

2:00pm - Exercise. Thanks to Jackie, I have been using the PX90 videos. Holy tough. I can hardly get through one video. Only been doing it for a week, but I already feel results.

3:00pm - Chores. There is always some house work to do. Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, tidying up, mopping, windex-ing, on and on...

5:00pm - What to have for dinner. I have to start thinking about dinner, just incase I have to run to the store.

6:00pm - Making Dinner. Joel doesn't get home until about 7, so I don't start dinner until now.

7:00pm - Eating Dinner. Joel’s home, time to eat!

8:00pm - Clean up. Time to clean up after dinner, get the kitchen back into shape, finish up any projects I was working on, watch some TV, or grab my book and hit the couch.

11:00pm - Bed Time. Time to shower, brush my teeth, put on my pjs, and read in bed.

12:00pm-ish Joel Come to Bed. I can't sleep until Joel is in bed too, so I usually read until he comes to bed.

And it starts all over again.

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