Saturday, April 24, 2010

Veggie Garden

Oh man what a day! Joel and I put together the boxes for our vegetable garden. We started around 10:30am this morning by heading over to Home Depot for some lumbar, screws, sawhorses, a triangle, and some weed-preventer fabric. We had to recalculate our shopping list as they didn’t have untreated cedar in a 2x12, so that took some early morning brain work, but we eventually managed. Once we got home, it was straight to work. We measured, sawed, drilled, and hammered to our hearts content. Thanks to our weeks of researching, planning, discussing, and designing, our boxes came together smoothly.

Then it was off to get some top soil. Lucky us, there is a place just down the road that had organic, top quality top soil. We had Jack and Judy’s truck and trailer, so it was easy to load up one and a half yards of top soil. Back at the house, we shoveled the dirt into a wheelbarrow, pushed the wheelbarrow up the hill, and filled up boxes. According to our calculations, we were going to need three yards of top soil. Turns out, we were wrong. We needed exactly one and a half yards! See, even when I don’t try I am still perfect! Ha ha ha…

Joel and I are so happy with how our boxes turned out. The spot where they are located is on the third tier in our backyard, which has a slight downhill slant. We even measured out the slant, in order to ensure every plant had plenty of root space, and they would look nice. We were both surprised we finished the project today. We projected to have the boxes finished and one load of dirt picked up, not unloaded. So we were very happy to see it all work out so nicely. All that is left to do is plant our little sprouts!

Whenever I would go into the house to refill a water bottle or something, Jack made it known he was not happy. He was cooped up in his cage while we were out working, as it wasn’t nice enough to let him outside with us. He would stomp as hard as he could as much as he could for as long as I was in ear shot. Ever since he has been out, it has been binky after binky (binky = a rabbits way of expressing joy by jumping up as high as they can while kicking out their legs or twisting around; really cute to watch). He keeps getting up in my lap as I type this to remind me of how he has been neglected all day and now needs some attention. So I better go apologize to him for being so cruel.

Here is Joel making sure the first box is nice and level.

Finished! Here are all three of our finished box gardens.

A lovely side view of a box.

All three of our beautiful boxes in the backyard behind the house.

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