Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Project

Joel and I decided to finally tackle the caulking in our master bath. This really needed to be done. The caulking around the tub and shower in our master bathroom really need to be replaced, so this weekend, Joel and I answered the call. Of course, Joel decided the right time to start the project was around 10:30pm on Saturday night. I don't know what it is about computer programers, but they are all night owls. So spent the next few hours of the wee morning digging, scrapping, and pulling the old caulk off the bathroom floor. Then we cleaned everything with a bleach solution to kill anything that might be trying to grow. Then I forced Joel to go to bed. I figured 2am was not the time to start laying new caulk lines.

In the morning, I decided to research tips for DIY caulking and came across a brillant tip. I wish I could say that we thought of it ourselves, but unfortunatily, I hadn't had my coffee yet. The tip said to use painters tape on either side of your caulking line to help your line stay straight, to help with the mess when you smooth out the line, and ensure a quick and painless free clean up! I was sold. So it was off to the hardware store for some tape, while Joel stayed home to make some tuna fish sandwiches. (There is something about the way that Joel makes these sandwiches, that I can't match. He makes the BEST tuna fish sandwiches!). So we taped up the bathroom, put down some caulk, smoothed out the lines, pulled up the tape, and tah-da we have a beautiful new caulked tub and shower!

Here is Joel perfecting the tape lines.

And Joel finishing up pulling all the tape off.

Tah-da! Our finished caulking project. Probably not the best job ever, but we were very proud of our selves.

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