Tuesday, July 10, 2012

James Family Camping Trip

This year the James family, which is my mom's side of family, planned a group camping trip to Bay View State Park located near Padilla Bay. We couldn't have picked a better weekend. The sun was out all weekend without a cloud in the sky and the breeze from the water kept us cool. Even though not everyone from the James family could come, there was a bunch of us there.  Most of the group arrived on Friday and went home on Sunday afternoon. Mom and Dad brought the little pop-up camper they bought back in 1986. I still can't believe a family of six spent so many wonderful summers in what seems like such a tiny little camper now that I'm older. Jaisha and Steve, and little Kaleb too, came in their trailer. Aunt Karen, Leann (cousin), and her boyfriend, Sean arrived with tents, ready for some camp fires. Jackie and Chris shared a tent site with Joel, Julie and I. Tonna (cousin) and her daughters Riley and Sidney, along with Moriah (cousin) and her daughter Maddie, arrive on Saturday for a fun filled two days of tenting.

Jack Rabbit wanted to come with us!

This year, I was determined not to fall too far off the wagon as far as my eating and work out plans go. I planned in advance to eat super healthy meals, drink lots of water, and even planned a work out I could do without weights or an elliptical. We ate oatmeal and greek yogurt for breakfasts topped with lots of fruit, tuna sandwiches for lunch, and turkey meatballs with quoinoa for dinner. We had trail mix, apples, oranges, and cottage cheese for snacks. On Saturday, Joel, Julie and I went down to the beach to work out before everyone else was up. We did burpies with push-ups, bench jump-ups, tri-cept dips, Russian twists, leg circles, and plank hi-fives. Then Joel and I went on a five mile bike ride for our cardio. After a quick shower, we joined back in with the fun and could enjoy the rest of our day. 

To entertain ourselves, the group decided to head down to the beach area for a game of bocce ball. It is amazing how entertaining it is to throw a ball at another ball. It was fun to see everyone's strategies for winning, or like Joel just aim for the current winner and try to knock their ball away from the goal. It was a good thing multiple bocce ball sets were available because everyone wanted to play. When we tired of playing, we sat on blankets, enjoyed the warmth of the sun on our skin while catching up with family. We decided we should get pies from Lenning Farms Berry Barn to celebrate Steve's birthday (which is coming up quick) while we were all together. So we piled into cars and went to get pies and ice cream. It was so good! I love to get ice cream here whenever we are in the area, which is mostly when we are returning from the ferry terminal in Anacortes. If you have never been, it is worth the trip!
Playing bocce ball.
Tossing the frisbee.
Dad and Mom enjoying the sunshine.
We surprised Julie with official Bear Bait t-shirts.
There was a mix up with the sizes, so the little girls got the extra shirts. They were very excited to be included in the joke.
Jaisha and Kaleb ready to play.
Jaisha and Julie ready to play Slide 5.
Hanging out with Aunt Karen, Julie, and Leann
Sean is just so excited to be camping!
More frisbee action. Joel just loved having so many people to play frisbee with.
Even Kaleb wanted to play frisbee.
Maddie and her crown of daisies.
Joel, the world famous frisbee player in action.
Another James Family Tradition: The Cousin Pyramid!
The rest of the trip was filled with sunshine, camp fires, laughter, playing "telephone" around the campfire with my younger cousins, tossing the frisbee, and telling stories. It was hard to know the weekend would end and it would be back to the working-world. With plans already in place for returning next year, a new tradition is in the works.
The Whole Gang
Back Row: Joel, Jessie, Jaisha, Moriah, Steve, Julie, Aunt Karen, Mom, Dad, Jackie, and Sean.
Front Row: Sidney, Tonna, Riley, Maddie, and Leann

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  1. Oh my gosh you are putting me to SHAME with your vacation workouts and healthy eating! WELL DONE!