Saturday, July 21, 2012

James Family Picnic

My mom decided we should have a James Family picnic in an effort to get everyone together to enjoy some sunshine, each other's company, and of course, food! So on July 21st, everyone headed to my Mom and Dad's house for some fun.

Enjoying the food is Sean, Julie, Joel, Chris, Mom, Leann, Jackie, and Uncle Clint
 Lots of family was able to make the event, which is great considering two cousins had whopping cough, so they had to stay home, two other cousins were competing in the (add event) so they couldn't attend, and it was July, the time for vacations!

Jaisha and Dad grilling up some BBQ on Dad's new smoker.
For Dad's birthday this year, Mom gave Dad a new BBQ. But this is no ordinary BBQ-er, this one is half traditional propane BBQ-er and half smoker. We were excited to try out different meats with different wood chips and I think Dad was too, since he barely the side of his new baby!

Joel couldn't wait to try out the BBQ Chicken that Jaisha brought over. He gave it two thumbs up!
We had so much food, it was hard to stay on track with my weight loss goals. But if you don't have cheat day every once in a while, you are asking for trouble! So I just watched my portioned sizes and grazed throughout the day, tasting a little bit of everything there was to eat. We had my Famous Pasta Salad, Jackie's Strawberry Spinach Salad, Joel's Pico De Gallo, Leann's Lemon Dill Potato Salad, Mom's baked beans, Smoked Salmon, BBQ-ed Chicken, and so much more I can't remember! There are so many good cooks in my family that each gathering is a chance to learn a new technique, share a recipe, and eat some amazing creations!
There was so much food, it was hard to pick which to eat first!
Joel made his famous Pico De Gallo. He likes it pretty spicy so we made sure to label the spicy batch, so it was mixed up with the mild batch. A big hit every time he makes it.
Joel and I brought a Salmon for Dad to smoke on his new BBQ. It was so good!
I made Lemon Oatmeal bars. They disappeared so fast, they were such a hit.
To help burn off all the food we ate, we decided to have some fun. The little kids got everyone stated when they decided they wanted to play baseball. It is so adorable to watch the "Grandpa's" try to teach the toddlers how to play. All the toddlers wanted to do was knock the ball off the stand because it made all the Aunties cheer!
Dad and Uncle Gordy try to teach Kaleb how to play T-ball.
Porter wanted to give it a try too!
Inspired by the little kids, the older kids decided to play Ultimate Frisbee. Joel could hardly stand his excitement at the thought of playing his favorite game, that the directions were a bit confusing. We finally got everyone caught up on the rules of play, picked teams, and starting playing. It was so much to fun to play with my siblings and cousins. We haven't done anything like this in a long time!
Ultimate Frisbee
Jackie trying to block Joel from making a catch.
I was trying to throw the Frisbee but Chris was doing a great job of guarding me!
Jackie and Joel got really competitive!
We even had to break them up a couple times!
 After we had successfully worn ourselves out, we headed back to the deck for some dessert. The weather was great and we had a great time hanging out with family. We should really get together more often!
Cousins! Leann, Me, and Jackie!
Joel tried a little bit of every dessert and couldn't decide which he liked best.
Sisters! Aunt Karen and my Mom
Cousin Tiffany and her son, Porter, getting some dessert.
Guess we were short on chairs and Joel decided to sit in Kaleb's chair! I'm surprised he fit!

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