Saturday, July 14, 2012

Joel, Chris, and Dad install Joel's Birthday Gift

Joel is wonderful about taking the trash and the recycling out whenever the bins are full in the house. The trash and recycling cans are tucked along the side of the house, hidden from view by our beautiful fence and gate. The downside of this, is that it can get pretty dark out there when Joel is getting the trash and recycling ready for morning pick up. Ever since we moved in, nearly two and a half years ago, Joel has had the same item on his Christmas and Birthday wish lists; a motion sensor light for the side of the house, with installation. (I always thought his "with installation" clause was pretty funny.)

I thought for sure his dad would get this item for Joel each year, but it never came to be.  For Joel's birthday this year, Chris bought him the light. I would like to note that Chris was thoughtful enough to find a light that would match our existing exterior lights. My dad offered to come down from Lynden to help the guys install the light. So Friday night, after his weekly poker game, my dad drove down and stayed the night at our house, ready to get started on the project first thing in the morning. Joel was so excited his dream of light was finally coming true! Chris and Jackie came over on Saturday morning to assist with the installation as well.  After a few trips to Home Depot for some overlooked items, the light was installed. They even added a light switch on the inside of the garage to operate the exterior light (should we ever wish to turn it off) and an extra outlet in the garage (Joel is always complaining about the lack of outlets in the garage). It was a very exciting and satisfactory Saturday for Joel and his crew of buddies.
The hole is drilled and the wires are run, now all we need is a light! 
Dad and Joel, making sure every detail is perfect.
Everyone wants to help! (Julie, Dad, Joel, and Chris)
Jackie thought my flower beds needed weeding. Notice how she is wearing my bunny slippers outside!
Everyone is having fun! (Jackie, Julie, Chris, Dad and Joel)
The girls are looking pretty and the boys are working hard.
American Gothic: Jackie and Julie's version.
The newly installed light switch and electrical outlet.
Ta-Dah! Joel, Dad, and Chris are very proud of the job they did installing the motion senor light. Once the caulking is dry, Joel will paint the white board to match the siding.
As soon as it was dark outside, Joel wanted to test his new light. It works!
Joel is one happy guy! No more taking out the trash in the dark!
A big thank you to Chris for getting Joel the best gift he has received for his birthday this year (according to Joel). Another big thank you for Chris and Dad for helping Joel install the light! He couldn't be happier with the results!

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