Sunday, July 1, 2012

Seattle Symphony presents Disney In Concert Magical Music from the Movies

Great Seats!

My favorite Disney movie growing up was Cinderella. Over the years the list has grown, but I will always enjoy watching a Disney movie now and then. My sisters and I like to play a game we call "Guess Which Movie". We listen to a song and guess which Disney movie it belongs to. This can be difficult given the many instrumental pieces between the better known lyrical songs. Over the years we have become very good at identifying our Disney songs. So when I saw tickets go on sale for Disney in Concert: Magical Music from the Movies by the Seattle Symphony, I jumped at the chance to surprise my younger sisters tickets. With a quick email, I told them to hold the date and time on their calendars without telling them what we were going to be doing. Julie couldn't stand not knowing, so I gave her four clues:
1.      It is in Seattle
2.      You have to dress up like you would for the ballet
3.      I have mentioned this before
4.      It involves animals
She didn't have a chance of guessing and it was so entertaining to listen to her try! Jackie on the other hand, guessed what we were doing two weeks before the event.  Oh well, she was just as excited to see the show and I got within two weeks of the event before she figured it out.

We had so much fun! During the show four individuals came out on stage and sang for some of the songs, while other songs it was only the symphony. I am not sure how I felt about the guest singers. At times they drown out symphony and were super cheesy with overly dramatic facial expressions and movements, but it did get the attention of the children in the audience. For the songs with no singers, just the beautiful music, I could hear kids whispering to their parents, "which song is next", or "where are the singers, did they go to the bathroom?".  Overall, I think they Seattle Symphony did a wonderful job of connecting with young and old during this performance.

Here is the playlist from the evening's performance:

Arr. Bruce Healey: Disney Classics Overture
Alan Menken: Disney’s The Little Mermaid Orchestral Suite
Alan Menken: "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas
Alan Menken: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Orchestral Suite
Richard M. Sherman / Robert B. Sherman: "I Wan’na Be Like You" from The Jungle Book
Richard M. Sherman / Robert B. Sherman: Medley from Disney’s Mary Poppins
Alan Menken /arr. Michael Starobin: Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame Orchestral Suite
Alan Menken /arr. Danny Troob and Bruce Healey: Disney’s Aladdin Orchestral Suite
Klaus Badlet /arr. Ted Ricketts: Pirates of the Caribbean Suite
Elton John, Words by Time Rice, Score by Hans Zimmer /arr. Brad Kelley and Ted Ricketts: Disney’s The Lion King Orchestral Song Suite
Richard M. Sherman / Robert B. Sherman /arr. Ken Whitcomb: It's a Small World 

It was a magical night!

Lion King!
One of my favorite songs from Aladdin.
I forgot to bring my camera, so we had to make do with my cell phone... everybody squeeze in!

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